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#Vaasainitiative Let’s make Vaasankatu streets worthy of their name

Sign the Vaasa initiative ,Sign the Vaasa initiative

Dear residents of Vaasa and Vaasa-minded people

We have noted with concern that the name of our city appears in Finland – and even out in the world – in most un-Vaasalike contexts. It is all about the Vaasankatu streets that, in spite of their name, hardly resemble our beloved Vaasa. For example, the rents in the Vaasankatu street in Helsinki have rocketed far above the good base level in Vaasa.

It is time to act now, since the reputation of the whole Vaasa region as the centre of easy living is at stake. All residents of Vaasa and other Vaasa-minded people, sign this initiative in order to demand that cities make their Vaasankatu streets Vaasa-worthy from start to finish.

We prompt the cities to change the name of the street, if not even a sea view can be arranged within a reasonable time after the demands have been made.

Let’s make the Vaasankatu streets worthy of their name with the help of this manifesto. Sign the initiative now!

PS. Because we are sure that this, too, will go as smoothly as planned, we are going to celebrate the milestone of 2.000 signers in Vaasa market square with free Mac and dill for everyone.

Greetings from Vaasa,

Tomas Häyry signature

Tomas Häyry
Mayor of Vaasa
Vaasa, 23.10.2019.

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Map of all Vaasankatus in Scandinavia

Sign the Vaasa initiative

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They, among others,
have signed the initiative

Tomas Häyry, Mayor of Vaasa

Juha Häkkinen, Ostrobothnia Chamber of Commerce, CEO

Juha Kytölä, Wärtsilä, Director R&D and Engineering

Mari K. Niemi, Vaasa University, InnoLab Director

Tim Sparv, Captain of Finland national team

Erik Riska, Vaasan Sport, Captain

Sebastian Strandvall, VPS, Captain

Aino Luoma, Triathlete and medical doctor

Roosa Rantala, youth influencer in Vaasa

Kirill Helsing, Vaasa Youth Council chairman

Setä Tamu, musician

Kuningas Pähkinä, musician

Zaida-Viveka Valli, singer-songwriter

Sebastian Da Costa, music producer

Jari Kuusisto, Vaasa University, Rector

Marina Kinnunen, Vaasa Hospital District, director

Mari Pohjanniemi-Kivi, Vaasa Enterprises, director

Hippi Hovi, handyman for enterprises and a bass player

Max Jansson, Visit Vaasa CEO

See all signers ,See all signers

Compare the Vaasankatu street in Helsinki with Vaasa

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