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Youngsters in Vaasa


Youth work for youngsters in Vaasa


Here happens and there’s enough to do

The youth services of the city of Vaasa offer youngsters in Vaasa versatile low step services in everyday life as well as leisure times.

There are seven youth clubs, e.g. the youth's own living rooms, in Vaasa. Kultsa is in the centre, Sumppu in Isolahti, Villa Gerby in Gerby, Huudi in Huutoniemi, Ristikka in Ristinummi and Kyrölä in Vähäkyrö. The opening times for the youth clubs can be found here. 

In Kultsa (Raastuvankatu 30, 2nd floor) you can also find Ohjaamo Pohjanmaa, the youth information and guidance services Reimari, the youth coordinator for multicultural youth work, seeking youth worker and the idyllic and cheap Walkers youth café.

Besides this the youth services offer the youth music and band education in the Rock school (Rokkikoulu) at Rockwestas and the thrills of speed at the Skate hall. Have a closer look at our versatile event and club offering. Follow the club and event activity announcements at the following address: or Vaasan kaupungin nuorisopalvelut on  facebook Vaasan kaupungin nuorisopalvelut

Vaasa has an active youth council. The Vaasa youth council offer the youngsters a path to influence. 

There’s a lot of activities in Vaasa!

Nuorisopalvelut - Ungdomsservice

Vaasan kaupungin nuorisopalveluiden strategia 2016-2017


Contact information:


The offices of the youth services, address: Vaasanpuistikko 20 A, 3rd floor, 65100 Vaasa.


Find us on facebook Vaasan kaupungin nuorisopalvelut
Instagram: @youngwasa
Snapchat: youngwasa


The youth services of the city of Vaasa rents premises for various events and parties: The youth service’s premises.