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Tietoa koronaviruksesta

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Smart Energy Workshop

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Gustav Stenbeck: Focus on sustainability

Welcome to take part in a co-creation process called the Innovation Loop on the 8th of October in Vaasa!

The keynote speaker Gustav Stenbeck from Sweden is the environmental activist that became a venture capitalist. With experience from Greenpeace, multinational corporations and from the startup-world he speaks about how sustainability is changing the economic landscape at a rapid rate and how it affects the way companies do business. Today, tomorrow and long thereafter. Gustav Stenbeck has hands-on experience of which sustainability initiatives work in both large and small corporations and he is often challenging a lot of the established truths in the sustainability world.

After the keynote speech, everyone is welcome to the pitching session where the participants in the three Smart Energy Workshops present the solutions to their company specific challenges. We also have time for networking and coffee.

Last day of registration is Thursday 3rd of October. The keynote speech and pitching session will be held in English.

The Regional Council organizes this day within the Interreg Europe project OSIRIS. The purpose of the OSIRIS project is to strengthen open social innovation in regional innovation eco-systems across Europe.