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The happiest city in the world-game

Help the Vaasa residents of the game with their problems and make Vaasa the Happiest City in the World!

All participants who help all the 10 characters will get a ticket to the swimming hall or the museum, and we will raffle off three 200 euro gift cards to the K group!

THE GAME CAN BE PLAYED 29.5-11.6.2023

The project is part of the development of the welfare services of the city of Vaasa. By participating in the game, you agree that your answers can be used for the welfare plan of the city of Vaasa. Participation is anonymous.


Felix is a 32-year-old property manager who loves nature.

You can find Felix on Vaasa's nature trails.


Farah is a 44-year-old practical nurse who loves petting her dog.

You can find Farah at dog parks.


Onni is an 8-year-old school pupil who loves lego.

You can find Onni in schools and places of study.


Edna is a 63-year-old teacher who loves reading.

You can find Edna in cultural places.


Isak is a 59-year-old former electrician who loves to meditate.

You can find Isak in places that relate to job seeking.


Edwyn is a 76-year-old pensioner who loves exercising.

You can find Edwyn at the sports venues in town.


Kari is a 38-year-old entrepreneur who loves resting on the couch.

You can find Kari at workplaces or places where you can relax.


Ilo is a 16-year-old student who loves music.

You can find Ilo in places where you can meet new people.


Beatrice is a 55-year-old beautician wholoves going out with her friends

You can find Beatrice in places where you can hang out with people


Lykke is a 24-year-old chef, who loves ice swimming.

You can find Lykke in places related to security or preparedness.


With this link you can play an accessible version of the game.


Retrieve your prize and participate in the raffle

Minä haluan | Jag vill ha en | I want a(Required)

Rules of the raffle

Raffle organizer

The organizer of the raffle is Vaasa City, Welfare unit, Vuorikatu 2-4, 65100 Vaasa

Campaign time



Among the participants, three gift cards for the K group will be drawn as the main prize. In addition, all participants who have helped all the characters in the game and collected all the characters’ letters receive either a museum ticket or a swimming pool ticket to the Vaasa city swimming pool or to the museums in Vaasa. Prizes cannot be converted into cash.


The gift cards will be raffled off on 14 June 2023 among all those who have submitted their contact details in the form above. Winners will be notified personally and delivery of the prize will be arranged with the winner. If, based on the contact information provided by the winner, the winner cannot be contacted within two (2) weeks, the unclaimed prize will be re-raffled.

Swimming hall tickets and museum tickets will be awarded to all participants who have provided their contact information in connection with the survey. Each participant receives 1 entrance ticket to the swimming pool or 1 entrance ticket to the museums. On June 14, 2023, the city will inform each participant of the location and time where they can pick up their own ticket. You can get a ticket by giving your name.

Raffle organizer liability

The City of Vaasa/The Welfare Unit limits its liability to the prize that is the subject of the raffle. The recipient of the prize releases the raffle organizer from all liability that may arise or be alleged to have arisen by participating in this raffle or from claiming or using the prize.


The official rules apply to all participants. By participating in this raffle, entrants agree to abide by these rules and the decisions of the raffle organizer. If the prize winner does not wish to accept the prize for any reason, the raffle organizer has the right to draw a new winner. Any ambiguities related to the application and interpretation of the rules will be resolved by the raffle organizer. The raffle organizer reserves the right to make changes in case of any obstacles. The raffle organizer is not responsible for any discovered misconduct.