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EnergyVaasa invests in young people’s interest in maths and science 

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EnergyVaasa invests in young people’s interest in maths and science 

Published: 29.5.2024

EnergyVaasa invests in young people’s interest in maths and science 

This year, for the first time ever, EnergyVaasa will award a large number of scholarships to students who have excelled in mathematics and science during the year. Through these grants, the companies in the energy cluster want to help stimulate children and young people’s interest in subjects that are relevant to the region’s businesses.  


Close to twenty companies and organisations in the EnergyVaasa cluster have collaborated to make it possible for these scholarships to be awarded over the next five years to students who have excelled in various ways in maths or science. This spring, a total of one hundred such scholarships will be awarded to pupils in grades 3 and 7 in Korsholm and Vaasa.  


EnergyVaasa Communications & Brand Manager Kristoffer Jansson considers the grants an important part of the work to be done to maintain the Vaasa region’s leading position in the energy sector:   


“We want to encourage the region’s children and young people who are interested in maths and science to get engrossed in their studies, as these are skills that will open up almost endless opportunities for them in the fields of energy and energy technology. We hope that the scholarships will act as a small carrot, encouraging them to keep going, and create a platform for companies in the cluster to grow the skills they need, both now and in the future,” Jansson explains.  


The scholarships are awarded in cooperation with the Vaasa Region Development Company VASEK, Technology Centre Merinova, Ostrobothnia Chamber of Commerce, Vaasa Facilita, Etha, Danfoss, Vaasan Sähkö, CoE, Wärtsilä, Hitachi Energy, VEO, Wapice, ABB, the Ostrobothnia division of the Confederation of Finnish Construction Industries RT, Arqtec, Viexpo and Westenergy.  


EnergyVaasa is the largest energy technology hub in the Nordic countries and includes companies that develop sustainable, energy-saving technological solutions that reduce emissions. EnergyVaasa includes more than 180 companies with more than 13,000 employees in total. 


For more information contact: 


Kristoffer Jansson, EnergyVaasa, Communications & Brand Manager, tel: +358 40 539 4055