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EnergyVaasa - The Nordic Hub For Energy Technology

EnergyVaasa – The Nordic Hub for Energy Technology


EnergyVaasa is the largest energy technology hub in the Nordic countries. This has made it a world leader within different technologies, such as smart electrical solutions, sustainable energy, flexible power generation and digitalisation – to mention a few.


The substantial number of high-tech companies in the region makes it a fertile breeding ground for new businesses. The economy of EnergyVaasa comes from export, the proof of which lies in the remarkable 80% export rate.


In Vaasa, we work in unison. Local universities, energy technology companies and municipalities work intensively together on research, product development, innovation and education. No wonder the Vaasa region is regarded as the most innovative area in Finland. The energy technology industry in Vaasa has a long-established history, which has resulted in a robust form of research competence.


EnergyVaasa is the leading energy hub in the Nordic countries. Our mission is clear: to create more sustainable technologies for saving the planet!


We represent more than 160 businesses in the energy industry.


Interested in more hard facts?

  • EnergyVaasa consists of over 160 companies
  • Combined yearly turnover of the companies is 5 billion euros
  • Exports cover more than 80% of total turnover
  • 12,000 employees in total
  • 200 million euro spent on R&D
  • Planned investments on energy technology infrastructure worth 1.2 billion euros in the EnergyVaasa region by the end of year 2025





EnergyVaasa Technical&Business Visit

Technical Visit



Wärtsilä Exhaust Treatment #LifecycleServices ensures your exhaust treatment systems continue to operate in the safest, most efficient & compliant way.

Read on to find out how we can help:

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We are very excited that there will be an additional #FocusDialogue during our #EnergyWeek @ ETH! With the @ethz_ace and a group of enthusiastic #MEST alumni, we will offer this additional focus dialogue on "AI and Decentralised Energy Flexibility".⚡️

How can #ProactiveLaw, #LegalDesign and #AI make business and society better? Gerlinde Berger-Walliser from @UC0NN, Robert de Rooy and Vesa Annola, Helena Haapio, Marika Salo-Lahti & Mikko Ranta from @univaasa shared their research at the #digitaleconomy #businesslaw seminar.

Kokonaisturvallisuuden Studia Generalia -sarja alkaa Hanna Smithin luennolla pe 2.12. klo 9 Vaasan yliopistossa. Kommenttipuheenvuoro professori @KuusniemiHeidi

Lue lisää & ilmoittaudu lähi/etä:

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For over three decades, we've been helping @STELCOMALDIVES make the #Maldives power supply more reliable.

Read on about our incredible journey of #collaboration & #partnership on one of the most beautiful holiday destinations in the world.

Ostosruljanssi #BlackFriday 🛍️on taas käsillä, mutta miten siihen pitäisi suhtautua?

Väitöskirjatutkijat Essi Vesterinen & Tiia Alkkiomäki muistuttavat #Oivalluksia-podcastissa, että tärkeää ei ole yksi päivä, vaan miten kulutat kaikkina muina päivinä.


#CarbonRemoval & capture is attracting more investments. But is #CarbonTech an essential piece in #ClimateChange mitigation?

@MonicaGattinger from @ISSP_uOttawa & Tim Preisenhammer of @carboculture shine a light on the matter.

And the second day @pohjanmaanteollisuus has started with lively discussions 👏
👉Come and join us!
@energyvaasa #vaasa #pohjanmaanteollisuus

Onnistumisen illassa Vaasan yliopistolla kuultiin Hakolan + Design by HannaK & Co'n yrittäjien tarinat & pohdittiin, mitä kaikkea rohkeus merkitsee yrittäjälle. Professori Martti Laaksonen toi iltaan tieteellistä näkökulmaa.

#onnistumisenilta @VaasanY #vaasanyrittäjät @univaasa

Sosiaalinen media voi auttaa uusia kansainvälisiä yrityksiä selviytymään, sanoo torstaina 24.11. Vaasan yliopistossa väittelevä Emmanuel Kusi Appiah.


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By joining forces with different players from all parts of the marine sector & implementing new inventions, Zero Emission Marine (ZEM) will lead the way in solving the challenges of #decarbonisation & building a strong #ecosystem.
Find out how:

The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 is the most significant climate legislation in US history & will set a new direction to champion #ClimateChange mitigation.

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Social media can be a lifesaver for international new ventures. According to Emmanuel Kusi Appiah's dissertation, an international new venture can use social media, and then employ ambidextrous learning in its knowledge development process.

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Are you a Masters/Doctoral student interested in exploring the not-yet-solved problems on a path towards a more #sustainable #EnergySystem? Join the #EnergySprint of the #EnergyWeek @ETH.
⚡Hurry up⚡ deadline approaching:

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The port of tomorrow will be smart & connected.

It'll have the latest #technology to respond more quickly to changes in global trade as the main node in the maritime transit network. Find out what to expect from #SmartPorts:

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ABB invests in climate tech start-up @TallarnaLtd
Collaboration further expands #ABB’s innovation ecosystem strategy and strengthens #digital portfolio of its Smart Power division.
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#sustainability #AI #decarbonization

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