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EnergyVaasa - The Nordic Hub For Energy Technology

EnergyVaasa – The Nordic Hub for Energy Technology


EnergyVaasa is the largest energy technology hub in the Nordic countries. This has made it a world leader within different technologies, such as smart electrical solutions, sustainable energy, flexible power generation and digitalisation – to mention a few.


The substantial number of high-tech companies in the region makes it a fertile breeding ground for new businesses. The economy of EnergyVaasa comes from export, the proof of which lies in the remarkable 80% export rate.


In Vaasa, we work in unison. Local universities, energy technology companies and municipalities work intensively together on research, product development, innovation and education. No wonder the Vaasa region is regarded as the most innovative area in Finland. The energy technology industry in Vaasa has a long-established history, which has resulted in a robust form of research competence.


EnergyVaasa is the leading energy hub in the Nordic countries. Our mission is clear: to create more sustainable technologies for saving the planet!


We represent more than 160 businesses in the energy industry.


Interested in more hard facts?

  • EnergyVaasa consists of over 160 companies
  • Combined yearly turnover of the companies is 5 billion euros
  • Exports cover more than 80% of total turnover
  • 12,000 employees in total
  • 200 million euro spent on R&D
  • Planned investments on energy technology infrastructure worth 1.2 billion euros in the EnergyVaasa region by the end of year 2025





EnergyVaasa Technical&Business Visit

Technical Visit



Nov Energy Week Day 2 focused on key innovations & technologies which will define the ‘Cold Store of the Future’, influencing energy efficiency through the CCA & the drive to net zero.
Watch the webinar to find out more -
#coldchain #energyweek

Tärkeintä ei ole, miten kulutat #blackfriday'na, vaan miten kulutat vuoden kaikkina muina päivinä, toteavat @univaasa'n yliopistotutkijat Henna Syrjälä ja Hanna Leipämaa-Leskinen, apurahatutkija Essi Vesterinen sekä tohtoriopiskelija Tiia Alkkiomäki.

#univaasa #kuluttaminen

The #CMACGMJacquesSaadé, the world’s largest containership powered by LNG, makes history again having completed the #worldlargest #LNGbunkering operation ever. The @cmacgm flagship received 17,300m3 of #LNG & our service engineers had a bird's-eye view of the event.#GasBassador

Our optimised maintenance agreement can guarantee your asset as well as improving efficiency, but don't take our word for it, check out the benefits in this case study: #services #lifecycleservices #lifecyclesolutions #casestudy

Koronakriisi korostaa oikean tiedon merkitystä – kahden miljoonan euron rahoitus Suomen Akatemialta tiedon huoltovarmuuden tutkimiseen

@univaasa johtamassa #IRWIN-hankkeessa ovat mukana @UniEastFinland @mpkkfi & @laureauas


#huoltovarmuus #korona

Nov Energy Week Webinars. @ColdChainTom detailed the additional support the @ColdChainFed will provide to CCA holders and members over the next 2 years to help them to achieve the new, efficiency target.
Watch the webinar here -
#coldchain #energyweek

#ABB supports rebuild efforts of critical infrastructure in #Beirut.
Read more about it here: ➡️

Three new #ecofriendly Misje Rederi Bulk ships - featuring an integrated Wärtsilä #hybrid propulsion solution - will represent a new benchmark for bulk carriers. #SmartMarine #zeroemissions #sustainability #bulkcarriers

Peer-to-Peer Coaching is the best way to share professional experiences & best practices, says the Wärtsilä & @Fujitsu_Global Legal teams. It's inspiring, knowledgeable, & has been shortlisted for a @worldcc_ #Innovation & #Excellence Award. Full story👉

In the highly competitive container #shipping market, increasing #sustainability can’t impact profitability. Find out how industry leaders are approaching the issue. #IMO2030 #IMO2050.

P&O turn to Controllable Pitch Propeller system and services to deliver efficiency and savings - find out how. Watch the full video here: #Innovation #SmartMarine #Maritime #Propulsion

Vaasan yliopiston johtama tiedon huoltovarmuuteen kompleksisessa ympäristössä keskittyvä #IRWIN-hanke on saanut @SuomenAkatemia'lta n. 2 milj. euron rahoituksen. Mukana hankkeessa: @univaasa, @UniEastFinland, @mpkkfi & @laureauas


#tieto #huoltovarmuus

Kriisivalmiuden ja huoltovarmuuden tutkimushankkeisiin 20 miljoonaa euroa

Suomen Akatemia on myöntänyt 20 miljoonaa euroa kriisivalmiuden ja huoltovarmuuden tieteelliseen tutkimukseen. Rahoitus on osa vuoden 2020 n...

🪐📡 Discovering new planets can be tricky - exceptional technology is needed. We are proud, that #ABB/@NuvuCameras will fly onboard @NASA's #space telescope in 2025, on course to capture the first space-borne images of planets outside our solar system. ➡️

Tietoprovinssissa puhutaan tänään 25.11. klo 13 #digitalisaatio'n mahdollisuuksista Etelä-Pohjanmaalla, mukana professorimme @petrihelo ja Timo Mantere.

💻Suora linkki lähetykseen:

@tietoprovinssi #epanet

Tietoprovinssissa puhutaan tänään 25.11. klo 13 #digitalisaatio'n mahdollisuuksista Etelä-Pohjanmaalla, mukana professorimme @petrihelo ja Timo Mantere.

💻Suora linkki lähetykseen:

@tietoprovinssi #epanet

Keskiviikkona 25.11. kello 13 puhutaan mm. digitalisaatiosta. Avaa silloin linkki suoraan lähetykseen

@SeAMK @SeAMKKirjasto @univaasa

Ilmassa ristivetoa -hankkeen suosituksia:

🌍1.Suomalaiset tarvitsevat lisää konkreettista tietoa ilmastotekojen vaikuttavuudesta
🌍2. Jo tehdystä ilmastotyöstä ja onnistumisista on kerrottava nykyistä aktiivisemmin

#ilmastonmuutos #ilmastoymmärrys @univaasa @e2_tutkimus

Ilmassa ristivetoa -hankkeen tuloksia: Viidesosalla suomalaisista on heikko tai välttävä tietotaso ilmastonmuutoksesta, viidesosalla kiitettävä.


#ilmastoymmarrys #ilmastonmuutos

Mobilise African and EU tech communities to find innovative solutions to the socioeconomic problems, amplified by COVID-19. Who’s with us? 🚀 @_AfricanUnion @MFAestonia @MFA_Lu @Irish_Aid @polskapomoc @IrlEmbEthiopia @Ulkoministerio @RealSmartAfrica @garage48 #euafricathejourney

Wärtsilä to deliver an additional 30 MW of capacity for Lucky Cement’s #powerplant in #Pakistan. #SmartEnergy #dualfuel

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