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EnergyVaasa - The Nordic Hub For Energy Technology

EnergyVaasa – The Nordic Hub for Energy Technology


EnergyVaasa is the largest energy technology hub in the Nordic countries. This has made it a world leader within different technologies, such as smart electrical solutions, sustainable energy, flexible power generation and digitalisation – to mention a few.


The substantial number of high-tech companies in the region makes it a fertile breeding ground for new businesses. The economy of EnergyVaasa comes from export, the proof of which lies in the remarkable 80% export rate.


In Vaasa, we work in unison. Local universities, energy technology companies and municipalities work intensively together on research, product development, innovation and education. No wonder the Vaasa region is regarded as the most innovative area in Finland. The energy technology industry in Vaasa has a long-established history, which has resulted in a robust form of research competence.


EnergyVaasa is the leading energy hub in the Nordic countries. Our mission is clear: to create more sustainable technologies for saving the planet!


We represent more than 160 businesses in the energy industry.


Interested in more hard facts?

  • EnergyVaasa consists of over 160 companies
  • Combined yearly turnover of the companies is 5 billion euros
  • Exports cover more than 80% of total turnover
  • 12,000 employees in total
  • 200 million euro spent on R&D
  • Planned investments on energy technology infrastructure worth 1.2 billion euros in the EnergyVaasa region by the end of year 2025





EnergyVaasa Technical&Business Visit

Technical Visit



The #coronavirus pandemic offers ship owners and operators an opportunity to make upgrades to meet the impending #IMO2030 and #IMO2050 targets.

#FuelForThought! Not even a pandemic can stop the innovation of #ZEEDS. At #zeroconference last week, how long-distance shipping can be made sustainable with #cleanfuels was on the agenda, as they continue fuel tests at Stord, #Norway. #NordicInnovation #FutureFuels #SmartMarine

Mind the GAP! With our GAP - i.e. Guaranteed Asset Performance there are no bumps on the road ahead, just smooth sailing as we are with you every step of the way. #collaboration #innovation #smartmarine #partnership #services #lifecycleservices

Vaasan yliopiston johtama konsortio on valittu tekemään #Huoltovarmuuskeskus arviointi. Työn tilaaja on työ- ja elinkeinoministeriö @TEM_uutiset. Mukana myös @mpkkfi, @laureauas ja Poliisiammattikorkeakoulu.


➡️TEM:n tiedote:

Yrittäjämäinen brändäys voi hyödyttää kansainvälistyvää pk-yritystä. 25.11. @univaasa väittelevä Samuel Yaw Kusi tutki, miten yrittäjämäinen päätöksentekologiikka vaikuttaa kans.välistyvien pk-yritysten brändäykseen.

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#markkinointi #yritykset

Entrepreneurial branding can benefit internationalising SMEs. According to Samuel Yaw Kusi's doctoral #dissertation @univaasa, internationalising #SMEs can enhance their financial performance by applying appropriate decision-making logic in #branding.


The #ABB_Ability Energy & Asset Management solution helps Hermes Int'l produce delectable @dida_boza jams & @DalmatiaSpreads with greater #reliability & #efficiency than ever.
With our solutions, they've eliminated 3 tons of CO2 emissions/year!
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Auch @ChrisSchaffner steht an der #EnergyWeek @ETH Red&Antwort, so etwa während des Dialogs mit Matthias Gysler vom @BFEenergeia.
Wollen auch Sie Ihre Fragen stellen und mehr zu aktuellen #Energie-Themen erfahren?
Noch heute anmelden & nichts verpassen:

The need for action on #climatechange is becoming ever more urgent.
Our 2030 #sustainability strategy has the following main targets:
🌱We enable a low-carbon society
🌱We preserve resources
🌱We promote social progress
Discover more here:

Demand for vessels to build and service the growing number of wind farms is rising, revealing an opportunity to give new life to under-utilised offshore supply vessels. Find out more in our latest article. #windpower #conversion #osvs #offshore #hybridpower

Two new CGN passenger ferries to operate cleanly & efficiently across Lake Geneva, powered by Wärtsilä 14 engines. 💪@cgn_leman #smartmarine #sustainability #Switzerland #France

"Perhaps we need Nordic Strategy for Export " @oleerikalmlid. I do really agree. #arcticfrontiers #sustainablegrowth #nordics #export #tem #nordichub #EnergyVisions #Gigavaasa #energyvaasa

#ABB Capital Markets Day 2020 is starting at 11:30 am CET today.
Get more information here:

Is #shipping on the cusp of a major revolution? Economist Martin Stopford says the next 30 years could be transformational due to environmental regulations, #digitalisation and the impact of #covid19.

The #covid19 pandemic has accelerated workplace #automation, but increased technology like #AI can lead to job growth. Find out how.

The future of transportation is electric: #ABB is proud to be a founding member of the #ZeroEmission Transportation Association (ZETA).
@zeta_2030 is a first-of-its-kind coalition committed to 100% EV sales by 2030. Read more here:
#FutureOfMobility #EV

Ilmastoviisasta asumista lähiöihin ja maaseudulle 🏡 Vaasan yliopiston kuluttajatutkijat ja viestintätieteilijät ovat mukana uudessa @Akatemia_STN rahoittamassa hankkeessa.

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#decarbonhome #ilmastonmuutos #asuminen #kestäväkehitys #tutkimus

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