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Regional operations

Vaasa City Museums carry out a regional responsibility for museums in the province of Ostrobothnia.

Regional operations and official functions

Vaasa City Museums serve as the regional museum for the Ostrobothnia region. The tasks entrusted to the regional responsibility museum and the provincial museum include planning, implementing and developing art and the cultural environment (cultural landscape, historical remains and the architectural heritage) within its area of responsibility. The regional museum is responsible for regulatory tasks relating to the cultural environment in collaboration with the Finnish Heritage Agency and for steering local museum activities in the area of operation.

  • The aim of the activity is to promote visual arts and provide advice in managing art collections, and support municipalities, cultural institutions, and private actors in matters related to art.

  • The museum guides and supports local museum activities as well as the preservation of cultural heritage in Ostrobothnia, for example overseeing the use of grants from the Finnish Heritage Agency.

  • Traces of human activity from prehistory to the present day are preserved in collaboration with the Finnish Heritage Agency.

  • Buildings and constructed areas are part of the built cultural environment. The core tasks of cultural environment work include the preservation of landscapes, building practices, and knowledge.

Kaksi ihmistä tietokoneellaStatements

The Ostrobothnian Museum provides statements regarding land use and construction from the perspective of the conservation and development of cultural environments.

Requests for statements or inquiries about the need for a statement should be sent to the address

In the museum’s ePermit and Permit Point services, statements should be directed to the email address above.



Regional experts provide guidance and statements regarding grants related to their field of expertise, as well as oversee the use of grants from the Finnish Heritage Agency.