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EnergyVaasa in short

Highly technological

We believe in high-tech!

EnergyVaasa is a hub of companies aiming for high-tech solutions. These companies are constantly developing better and more innovative ways to work. They see the importance of R&D and invest in it. Actually, 90 % of Finlands R&D work within electricity and automation happens here in Vaasa!

The area of EnergyVaasa is not a one-hit wonder: companies in the Hub work within many different technologies: automation, electrification, sustainable energy, IoT, power generation and distribution, smart grid, project management and so on.

The considerable amount of highly technological companies in the area is a virtuous breeding ground for new businesses – it encourages new companies to start their businesses here, as you can always find suitable networks, subcontractors and partners.

Global by nature

We are global by our very nature!

Energy Vaasa is located in Vaasa and its surrounding region, but our playground is the whole globe. We deliver to countries all over the world. The export rate of Energy Vaasa companies is over 80 %. We could say that we have covered the whole globe – our technologies are present in the electricity grid in every country in the world.

Internationality is a great way to work for our teams! It creates well-being and jobs in the hub. It also guarantees that the EnergyVaasa companies will always be able to find the best partners to work with. Vaasa is a unique place in the world: you can live close to nature, but work globally.

There is also one more advantage with our global nature – it attracts intelligent, great minds to the region!


We are surrounded by smart people!

In this region, there are almost 13 000 students in 6 different universities. They study, for example, information technology, electrical engineering, marketing and economics – essential topics for the hub! People in this area believe in education and self-development, and 45% of all graduates have academic degrees. Our employment rate is also higher than the average in Finland.

The city of Vaasa has a strategy for energy education. That means that even kids in the kindergarten study energy-related topics! Thus, those young people heading for their studies and working life already have excellent skills in energy. With this in mind, there is no doubt that companies will find the best people to work for them.

Economically important

We create economic welfare!

Energy Vaasa is an economically significant area. We have more than 160 companies in the energy industry, and 25 % of the employees of the Finnish energy sector work here. The overall turnover of our businesses is some EUR 5 billion annually.

The economy of Vaasa lives of exports. We are the most productive area in Finland when it comes to creating money per capita. We take our responsibility seriously – and focus on building growth and economic welfare in Finland.

You could say that we keep the wheels of Finland’s economy rolling! Our investments in high technology have paid off.

Socially responsible

We do our part for the society!

EnergyVaasa is a hub of many healthy companies. We support 12 000 careers within our industry, we create economic growth for all of Finland and generate work and possibilities for the people in our region. That means that the hub offers opportunities and welfare for many people. One of four people in this region work in an EnergyVaasa company.

Charity work and sponsorships are one part of the social responsibility work of our hub. Our companies especially support sports – and create health by encouraging movement! Our green visions prove our responsibility for the social environment – we also want to think about generations-to-come.


We are committed to sustainable development!

EnergyVaasa wants to be part of the green progress – we do our part for the climate. Together we work for the goals of the Paris agreement, for example by keeping the increase in the global average temperature to well below 2 degrees Celsius.

High technology and education develop sustainability. As people in this area are educated to think about energy technology since the kindergarten, it is easy to create new solutions for the sustainable development. EnergyVaasa might cover a small geographical area, but still, we set the example for the others. We hold, for instance, most green patents in the Nordic countries!

Education, inventions and great minds are the best ways to move towards a more sustainable tomorrow!