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New date for EnergyWeek and 2021 EnergyVaasa talks concept


EnergyVaasa Talks webinars introduce energy themes throughout year 2021 

The organizers of EnergyWeek, the international high-end energy business event, will launch a new energy webinar series EnergyVaasa Talks in January 2021. The webinar series spans the entire year 2021, and the themes of the webinars are broadly related to energy technology. 

EnergyWeek 2020 was one of the first major events that had to be moved to a later date due to the coronavirus pandemic. More than 4,500 visitors from nearly 30 different countries visit EnergyWeek each year, and the program includes a lot of meetings and encounters, which is why the organizing of the event and a new date have been considered specifically from a security perspective. 

EnergyVaasa Communications & Brand Manager Kristoffer Jansson, who coordinates EnergyWeek, has been planning the next EnergyWeek together with the other organizers during October. Based on feedback received from exhibitors, organizing the event in the familiar format was not considered possible during 2021. 

By contrast, organizing EnergyWeek in the spring of 2022 in the form of an extensive seminar and networking event was seen as a realistic option. The organizers decided therefore to arrange the next traditional EnergyWeek on 21–24 March 2022, with over 100 speakers at more than 20 different seminars. 

In 2021, the EnergyWeek organizing bodies (more than 30 organizations) are planning to launch a webinar series called EnergyVaasa Talks that will help tune in to the EnergyWeek atmosphere throughout the whole year. The first webinars, free of charge and open to everyone, will take place as early as in January, and more detailed information on the content and speakers of the first webinars will be released during November and December. 

– Of course, the safety of participants and organizers is the most important thing in this situation. Therefore, EnergyWeek’s partners and organizing bodies are committed to organizing the best possible online events during 2021. EnergyWeek’s program will be held in smaller chunks as EnergyVaasa Talks webinars throughout the year, Jansson says.  

– Our focus is not only on the EnergyVaasa Talks webinar series, but also on March 2022, when you can spend a full-scale EnergyWeek in Vaasa. The familiar high-end energy event will be back, a little later than we originally thought back in March 2020, but renewed, stronger, and more diverse than ever, Jansson assures. 

EnergyVaasa Talks 

  • Online events open to everyone, free of charge, in English 
  • Organized by EnergyWeek’s organizing bodies and partners (30 organizations) 
  • First webinars are planned to be held in January, the series goes on throughout 2021 


  • Annual, international energy technology event 
  • Gap years in 2020 and 2021 due to the coronavirus situation 
  • 4.600 visitors expected in Vaasa on 21–24 March 2022 
  • Over 20 seminars in English in four days 
  • Over 100 speakers 
  • Evolved from a seminar week to become also a networking and expert event 

EnergyVaasa talks presentation.