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16-17.3 Online Matchmaking. Wind Renewable and Smart energy.

Register on B2Match platform:

Register on B2Match platform:

Online meetings & webinars at

Wind, Renewable and Smart Energy on 16 – 17 March 2021

It’s time to meet again – virtually! The online Matchmaking event is the perfect platform to do business and network with potential partners and customers. Present your latest research and innovations and introduce your solutions, technology, products, and services in the field of Wind, Renewable and Smart Energy. Register now and start booking 20-minute virtual meetings with other registered participants or take a front-row seat following our webinar programme.


 Tue 16 March at 14.00: Power-to-X-to-Power-System (in english, live stream) 

A new method for storing renewable energy is being developed in Vaasa. The project offers a unique opportunity to pilot the hydrogen-based energy production solution for global markets, too. The hydrogen is to be produced with zero emissions from renewable electricity and utilized in energy production, industrial applications, and transport.


Suvi Karirinne, Director | VEBIC


Jukka Lehtonen, Vice President, Technology & Product Management | Wärtsilä Energy

Erik Jungner, Director, Product Management | Wärtsilä Energy

Niko Paaso, Vice President, Power | EPV Energy Ltd

Hans-Alexander Öst, Director of Development | Vaasan Sähkö Oy


Wed 17 March at 10.00: Carbon neutral Vaasa 202X (in english, live stream)

The City of Vaasa strives towards in-depth understanding of its emissions. A new ground-breaking data analysis tool reveals the sources of the city’s emissions, allowing the efficiency of different emission reducing measures to be simulated and verified.


Marja-Riitta Vest, Head of RDI | Vaasa University of Applied Sciences


Mika Hakosalo, Energy and Climate Specialist | City of Vaasa

Fredrik Jansson, Lead business developer | TietoEVRY