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Energy Academy

Energy Academy is a cooperation model between universities and leading companies in the Vaasa region.

It is designed to increase the appeal of the area to students and graduates as well as to create better connections between working life, RDI and young talents.

We bring together all six universities in Vaasa: University of Vaasa, Vaasa University of Applied Sciences, Novia University of Applied Sciences, Hanken School of Economics, University of Helsinki and Åbo Akademi University. Companies and hubs involved are ABB Oy, Danfoss, EnergyVaasa, Hitachi ABB Power Grids, Merinova, City of Vaasa, Vaasan Sähkö, VASEK and Wärtsilä Finland.

The model is tightly connected to the Nordic Battery Belt, making Vaasa area an essential link in the sustainable value chain in Finland, Sweden and Norway.

Energy Academy insists on healing the planet for future generations – and making Vaasa a better place to live, study and work.

Mentoring program takes you towards working life

Mentoring program picture from Hitachi ABB Power Grids

How to move on to working life after studies? What kind of opportunities do companies offer? What skills should I improve? Among other things, these matters are discussed in the mentoring program that supports students in developing their skill set and preparedness for working life. The next mentoring program starts in November 2021.
The application instructions will be published here when the application period has started.

Further information: Marika Kuusisto,, p. +35850 335 8700

The next mentoring program starts in November 2021.

The application instructions will be published here when the application period has started.

Read (in Finnish) about the experiences of those who have already participated in the mentoring programme:

STHEC – Smart Technology Hub Ecosystem Challenge 2021

STHEC picture from 13.11.2019, photographed at Wasa Innovation Center.

STHEC – the Smart Technology Hub Ecosystem Challenge – is a 2-day innovation challenge where students on bachelor and masters level get to team up and solve real challenges together in smaller teams. The idea is to connect students, companies and professionals together and offer a showcase of how it is to work in an ecosystem of different players and co-create new solutions together. It furthermore offers great possibilities for networking and for students and companies to get to know each other and show one’s potential.
STHEC was first organized in 2019 by Wärtsilä in collaboration with its partners. You can read more about 2019 year’s STHEC here

This year the event is organized virtually under the umbrella of the Energy Academy. Read more about STHEC and sign up for the challenge on



The goals of the Energy Academy include:

  • Supporting students by being approachable and present in their studies
  • Bringing students and companies closer to each other, from an early stage to support recruiting
  • Increasing interdisciplinary cooperation
  • Making connections between education and work life
  • Reaching mutual understanding between schools and companies on the needs and challenges in the industry
  • Achieving local synergies in attracting and retaining talent

Proud partners of Energy Academy

Hanken School of Economics

University of Helsinki

Vaasa University of Applied Sciences

University of Vaasa

Novia University of Applied Sciences

Åbo Akademi University




Hitachi ABB Power Grids


City of Vaasa

Vaasan Sähkö


Wärtsilä Finland

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Olemme päivittäneet koronaohjeemme.

Etätyösuosituksemme päättyy 30.9. Lokakuu on siirtymäaikaa hybridityöhon. Matkustamisen rajoituksia poistetaan. #koronafi #HelsinkiUni

Löydät koronaohjeemme kokonaisuudessaan aina tältä sivulta. 👇

Koronavirustilanne Helsingin yliopistossa | Helsingin yliopisto

Tälle sivulle päivitetään tietoa koronavirustilanteesta Helsingin yliopistossa.

Vi har uppdaterat våra coronariktlinjer.

Rekommendationen om distansarbete upphör 30.9. Oktober fungerar som övergångsperiod. Resebegränsningar avvecklas. #koronafi #HelsinkiUni

Du hittar alltid våra coronariktlinjer i sin helhet på den här sidan.👇

Coronavirusläget vid Helsingfors universitet | Helsingfors universitet

På den här sidan uppdateras information om situationen med coronaviruset vid Helsingfors universitet.

We have updated our COVID guidelines.

Our recommendation on remote work ends on 30.9. October will serve as a transition period. Travel restrictions are being lifted.
#COVID19 #HelsinkiUni

You can always find our full guidelines on this page. 👇

Coronavirus situation at the University of Helsinki | University of Helsinki

This page is updated with current information about the coronavirus situation at the University of Helsinki.

Discover how we can modernize and accelerate the #digitalization of the installed base to create a resilient and #sustainable energy system. Join our panel session “The future of service is now.”

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#FuelFriday - #LPG - A viable marine fuel for the future? Explore the pros & cons and see where LPG fits in the fuel mix. This article will give you some #FuelForThought this Friday: #Decarbonisation #Decarbonization #FuelYourImmagination #FutureFuels

⚡️🚗 #Sähköauto​n lataus - kotona ja reissussa: Kuinka ladattava hybridi ja sähköauto ladataan turvallisesti? Mitä kaapeleita tarvitsen? Kannattaako kotiin hankkia sähköauton latauslaite, vai onko pistorasiasta lataus ok? Lue asiantuntijamme vinkit 👇 🤓

Sähköauton lataus – kaikki, mitä pitää tietää | Vaasan Sähkö

Vaasan Sähkön latauspiste kotiisi – tulossa pian 40 prosenttia sähköautoilijoista ja 70 prosenttia ladattavaa hybridiä ajavista lataa autoaan s...

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"Den sextioåriga överenskommelsen gällande Husö biologiska station är ett utmärkt exempel på samarbete när det är som bäst"

Läs rektors hälsning från Husö biologiska station i anledning av 60 år av samarbete mellan landskapsregeringen och Åbo Akademi.

Only 14% of publicly traded #HeavyIndustry companies are doing enough to keep #globalwarming under 2 degrees Celsius. How can they improve & what's the role of global shipping & finance?
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Tutkijat löysivät tärkeän mekanismin, jolla tuberkuloosibakteeri muuntuu antibiooteille vastustuskykyiseksi. Löydön perusteella kehitetään uusia lääkehoitoja. #HelsinkiUni #terveys #tutkimus @LifeSciHelsinki @JYK_Viikki

Tuberkuloosibakteeri taistelee antibiootteja vastaan biofilmin suojista | Helsingin yliopisto


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Syksyn yhteishaussa sosiaali- ja terveyshallintotieteen maisteriohjelmaan tuli 316 hakemusta, mikä tarkoittaa 19,7 prosenttia kasvua edelliseen hakukierrokseen verrattuna. Maisteriohjelmaan valitaan 20 opiskelijaa.

#univaasa #sote #yhteishaku #maisteri

Det händer på campus: Stiftelsens för Åbo Akademi museer Sibeliusmuseum och Ett hem firar Åbodagen 19.9.2021 genom fritt inträde och mångsidig musik.
Mera information: &

“So much can be learned from the electrification of passenger vehicles,” notes ABB's Stephanie Medeiros, in the new episode of the #ABB Decoded #podcast, which focuses on heavy vehicle #electrification.
Listen now! 🎧⚡️ 🚚
#sustainability #emobility

Sairaanhoitajan monimuoto-opintoihin tuli tosi hienosti hakijoita! Yhdessä vastaamme sote-alan työvoimapulaan 🧡

#yhteishaku #ylpeästiamk #parastaaikaa #soteala #hoitajat

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Kasvuyrityksen johtamisen maisteriohjelma kasvatti suosiotaan syksyn yhteishaussa 55,7 prosentilla edelliseen hakukierrokseen verrattuna. 260 hakijasta maisteriopintoihin valitaan noin 35.

#univaasa #kasvuyritys #johtaminen #maisteri #yhteishaku

Vill du veta hur cancerceller sprider sig, hur mätresultat från Östersjön kan bli till musik eller kanske hur en kemisk trädgård ser ut? I så fall ska du besöka Forskarnatten den 24 september och få det förklarat för dig både genom konst och forskning!

En man i vit rock tittar in i mikroskop.

Vetenskap har aldrig varit lättare att förstå – forskare och konstnärer förklarar lättförstått sina projekt under Forskarnatten i Åbo

Forskning förklaras lättförståeligt 24.9.2021.

Every T&D component is part of the conversation in the #SmartGrid. Join our #GridTalk on wired and wireless applications with Patrik Lidholt of #NetNordic.

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#ElectricUtilities #Transmission #Distribution

Our #CloudSimulation solution by @WartsilaVoyage is now available on-demand via @Oceantechgroup’s Ocean Learning Platform.

#training #digitalisation #decarbonisation

In a recent study we conducted with our partners at @nationalgridus, we explored how charging #EVs, particularly fleets, could impact #powergrids, which is essential on our path forward to meet climate reduction goals. 🚚🍃

Learn more:

We in India are celebrating Engineers' Day. It is our constant effort to inspire young minds and nurture inclusive talent. Our programs such as Women-in-Engineering and collaboration with premier engineering institutes such as @iitmadras and @warangal_nit enable our pursuit.

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