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EnergyVaasa - Nordens Energihuvudstad

EnergyVaasa – Nordens största energikluster


Vi har ett tydligt mål: vi utvecklar mer hållbar energiteknologilösningar som minskar på utsläpp och sparar på energi på global skala.


Några fakta om EnergyVaasa:

  • EnergyVaasa består av 160 företag
  • Företagens totala omsättning är årligen 5 miljarder euro
  • Export utgör över 80 procent av omsättningen
  • Företagen har sammanlagt 12 000 anställda
  • 200 miljoner euro läggs årligen på forskning och utveckling
  • I EnergyVaasa-området planeras nya investeringar i energiteknisk infrastruktur för totalt ca 1,2 miljarder euro till slutet av år 2025





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#EnergyWeek podcast is back! We'll be speaking to @APIenergy chief economist @RDeanForeman1 who will explain why US oil inventories are like Three Card Monty.

We'll also be discussing the drop in #oil prices & whether its all due to China's "disappointing" economic data.

We're very excited to introduce you to the latest member of our engine family - the Wärtsilä 25.

Register for the #VirtualLaunch event to hear more about this flexible marine engine!
Sign up now: https://wartsi.ly/3bSwviz

#Wartsila25 #engine #decarbonisation #FuelFlexibility

Oletko valmis pahan päivän varalle? 💀🌪

Turvallisuus ei ole vain globaalia turvallisuutta ⚔️ - kansalaisten arjen #turvallisuus'huolet pitäisi huomioida paremmin, sanoo filosofi @univaasa vastuullisuus- ja eettisyysjohtaja Tommi Lehtonen.

➡️Lue lisää: http://www.uwasa.fi/fi/uutishuone/artikkelit/oletko-valmis-pahan-paivan-varalle-turvallisuus-ei-ole-vain-armeijan-vaan

We will soon need to find solutions to the problems brought on by #digital inequality & fortify our #CyberSecurity.

Corporations happen to be in a unique position to help. Find out how: https://wartsi.ly/3pbXiK1

@wef #GlobalRisk #CyberResiliance

#ABBFormulaE has a new world champion: congratulations to @svandoorne and his @mercedesEQFE team, who successfully defend their constructors' title at the #SeoulEPrix 👏👏

Twitter feed video.#ABBFormulaE has a new world champion: congratulations to @svandoorne and his @mercedesEQFE team, who successfully defend their constructors' title at the #SeoulEPrix 👏👏
ABB FIA Formula E World Championship@FIAFormulaE


🇰🇷 2022 Hana Bank #SeoulEPrix | @svandoorne @MercedesEQFE

A dominant #SeoulEPrix win – and fourth of the season – for @edomortara of @VenturiFE in Race #100 of #ABBFormulaE. But second place for @svandoorne makes him world champion, as his @mercedesEQFE squad secure the teams' title.

It's Race Day #100 for #ABBFormulaE and @afelixdacosta of @DSTecheetah will start from pole position!👏👏Race start at 0900 CEST.

It's Race 100 for #ABBFormulaE at the #SeoulEPrix. Our ambassadors @LucasdiGrassi and @Sebastien_buemi reflect on their all-electric journey since race 1 in Beijing, 2014.

Congratulations to our ambassador @LucasdiGrassi, whose third-place finish at the #SeoulEPrix ⚡️🏎 🇰🇷 makes him the first driver to score more than 1000 points in #ABBFormulaE. 👏💪
#motorsports #racing
[📸: dppi]

The first-ever #SeoulEPrix is won by @mitchevans_ - his fourth victory of the season, to keep his world title hopes alive. 👏👏👏
Ahead of race 2 tomorrow, he's 21 points behind leader @svandoorne, with 29 still available. Showdown at 0900 CEST!
#ABBFormulaE #Motorsport #racing

A stunning pole position for @oliverrowland1 of @MahindraRacing in wet conditions, for race 1 of the #SeoulEPrix. Race start is 0900 CEST, with thunderstorms forecast!⚡️☔️

Race 1 of the #SeoulEPrix weekend goes green at 0900 CEST. With both drivers’ and teams’ #ABBFormulaE titles to settle, the stakes are high for the all-electric season finale.

Join the #SpaceSaturday at the #WasaFutureFestival in the Wasa Innovation Center tomorrow Sat 13 Aug at 14:00 to hear about what’s topical at the Kvarken Space Center 🛰💡

You can watch the event also online at the event’s YouTube Channel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KbWZ7HyD9DQ


Digitalization and sustainability must work in tandem, says the OECD’s Anthony Gooch. 💻🌍 Watch an excerpt of our conversation with Anthony on empowering billions of #betterdecisions throughout industry 👉 http://social.abb/billions-of-better-decisions

Oletko valmis pahan päivän varalle? 💀🌪

– Perinteisen varautumisen lisäksi tärkeää on tiedon #huoltovarmuus – oikean tiedon varmistaminen ja suojautuminen hybridiuhkilta sekä valetiedolta, sanoo Annukka Jokipii @univaasa @irwinproject1

➡️Lue lisää: http://www.uwasa.fi/fi/uutishuone/artikkelit/oletko-valmis-pahan-paivan-varalle-turvallisuus-ei-ole-vain-armeijan-vaan

There are more #robots per population in South Korea than any other country on earth. Yet unemployment remains low, and attitudes towards #technology are generally positive. What lessons does this country have for a world heading for greater #automation?

#MythBuster alert! 🚨
Did you know that #AirLubrication is a highly effective way to cut ship fuel consumption? We look at 5 common misconceptions about air lubrication & why they’re wrong. https://wartsi.ly/3zUNIQi

@SilverstreamTec #CleanTech #decarbonisation

This weekend the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship heads to Seoul, South Korea, for the final two races in Season 8 and the series’ 100th race on Sunday, marking an important milestone for the sport.
Read more: https://social.abb/formula-e-100th-race-seoul
#ABBFormulaE #motorsport #racing

Tulevaisuustyöpaja pe 12.8. klo 10-12 kaikille #tekoäly'n 🤖ajasta ja aluekehityksestä kiinnostuneille #WasaFutureFestival'illa. Tervetuloa mukaan!
Welcome to WAS/AI futures workshop: #Vaasa region in the era of artificial intelligence

Lue lisää: https://www.uwasa.fi/fi/uutishuone/tapahtumat/wasai-tulevaisuustyopaja-vaasan-seutu-tekoalyn-ajalla-wasa-future-festival

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