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Eat like a local

Fresh, clean and locally produced food is good for both the health and the environment. In addition to these good qualities, you can learn a lot about the local culture by getting to know the local food culture as a visitor. The food culture tells about the region’s values, attitude, ways of working and spending their free time. Locally produced products from Ostrobothnia on the west coast of Finland tell of food producers who are proud of their region, and who work hard and with a big heart. The proximity of the sea, the open fields and the greenhouses guarantee the distinctive character of the flavors.

Take a trip among locally produced flavors

Interest in food tourism is growing and many tourists make their itinerary depending on where there are farm shops, microbreweries and other companies that offer local products. Behind this link you will find a map of farm shops in Ostrobothnia and you can easily plan the route that suits you best.

Many of the places are located along small roads that you might never otherwise drive on, so in addition to delicacies, we can promise beautiful nature and new experiences. And best of all, you get to see with your own eyes the places where the products are produced!

We also recommend that you familiarize yourself with the local drinks on a brewery tour. Here we have listed the local breweries as well as our international award-winning gin and whiskey distillery.

Find out more about food and restaurants in the different areas of Ostrobothnia

The best cinnamon buns in Finland

There is a great diversity of restaurants and cafés in Pietarsaari-Jakobstad. For a delicious dinner or a relaxing night out, you can make your choice from different ethnic restaurants, charming coffee houses and à la carte restaurants. And don’t forget to visit Café Skorpan, where you find the best cinnamon buns in Finland!

Restaurants in Jakobstad

It is a pleasure to enjoy good food in the Vaasa Region

In the Vaasa Region, enjoying good food is par of the local culture. Traditional salmon soup, thick-crust pizza and beautifully presented gourmet food all go hand in hand.

Restaurants in the Vaasa Region

A taste of Ostrobothnia

Enjoy lunch or dinner, coffee and cake in one of our cozy restaurants and cafes that make use of the very best that Kristinestad's agriculture has to offer. Sustainability is a high priority for most of our restaurants, so journey from source to plate to be as short as possible when it comes to beef, fish, and vegetables.

Restaurants in Kristinestad

Welcome to the city of good food!

Seinäjoki is known for its good food and food production. In addition to your tastebuds, the wonderful milieu and historic stories of the restaurants in our area feed both the eye and the mind. How would lunch sound in premises of a former garment factory, a hospital´s former horse stable or the old district mental hospital?

Restaurants in Seinäjoki

Salty Summer Breeze by the Sea

Kokkola offers lovely summer restaurants. The idyllic Waffle Cafe in the cozy museum quarter near the old wooden town of Neristan is a must for every visit! The Mustakari sailing pavilion is a piece of the most beautiful Kokkola. On the other side of the bay, restaurant Wanha Elba, a reasonable cycling distance away, to experience the best moments of summer.

Restaurants in Kokkola