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See and experience Vaasa and the Vaasa Region

Welcome to the Vaasa Region and Ostrobothnia!

In the Vaasa region, you won’t need to choose one or the other, as beautiful nature and urban city life can be easily combined on a single visit. Everything in the Vaasa region is close by, and moving from one sort of atmosphere and experience to another is effortless.

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Christmas Opening in Vaasa 18.-19.11.

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Experience the small town idyll in Närpes 🥰 This mostly Swedish-speaking city is known for its unique dialect. Another significant Närpes phenomenon is the cultivation of vegetables, especially tomatoes – which is the reason for the greenhouses that start to appear at a frequent rate when you approach Närpiö 🍅🌱 But what else does Närpes offer to see?    🚣🏻 At the Fagerö leisure center, you can do activities including mini golf, swimming, kayaking, or simply relaxing on the terrace accompanied with good food. And btw, weekend dances are organized in the terrace pavilion 🕺   🌳 Öjskog Park is an open-air museum with an amazing number of historical buildings. There's a guide in the park in the summer and there’s a summer theater going on – of course in the Närpes dialect 🗝️ Närpes church and the church stables in its courtyard create a nice historical atmosphere 🩺 Apoteksmuseet is a special museum that offers an overview of historical medicine and the manufacture of medicines 🔍 The Stella Polaris museum tells about a World War II secret operation that took place in the area    🌱 Lind's Kök is a unique restaurant experience where you dine in a large greenhouse under tropical fruit trees – and the food is made from local ingredients 🥰   ⚓️ You should head to the island of Gåshällan if you want to admire the archipelago from the sea 🌊   🍅 And when you're in Närpes, don't forget to taste Närpes Glassfabriken's locally produced ice cream made from the legendary tomatoes - that is, tomato ice cream! #visitnärpes #visitnärpiö #närpes #närpiö #100syytämatkaillasuomessa #visitvaasa #visitvasa #archipelagofinland
01.08.2023 - 10:49