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Boutiques and shopping

Discover wonderful small shops or do bargain-hunting in shopping malls

  • In Vaasa centrum you'll find a wide selection of the most trendy fashion brands.

  • Improve your well-being with high quality products and treatments.

  • All you need for a smooth and functional everyday life.

  • Espen is the newest shopping mall in Vaasa and the biggest shopping mall in ostrobothnia - Rewell - is just across the market place.

  • Flea markets are fantastic places to do bargain-hunting.

  • Find locally produced products from these small shops.

  • Finnish design is sustainable, appreciated with focus on high-quality. Here you will find both classics and new trends within Finnish design.

  • Genuine, hand made products are nice to give away or to buy for yourself.

  • Vaasa is a City of Culture with a capital C. How do you know that? Through the wide range of high-quality events on offer.

Shopping and dining in Vaasa

Cafeterias and restaurants

Experience how locally produced ingredients are turned into to the latest food trends.

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