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16.2 EnergyVaasa talks: From bold ideas to saving the world

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Peter Vesterbacka

Peter is an entrepreneur from the Finest Bay Area at the Heart of Eurasia, Helsinki, Finland. Branded communities co-created and initiated by Peter include the HP Bazaar, Mobile Monday, Slush and Startup Sauna, to name a few. He was the Mighty Eagle at Angry Birds for many years, taking that brand to unprecedented heights.

Top 30 Startups

TOP30 Most Promising startups in Europe 2021

In this webinar, we discuss how bold ideas can become a reality during the pandemic and the revelation of the TOP 30 Most Promising Startups in Europe for 2021 that have almost done it and will change our future!

Tiia-Maria Kinnulla

HR-Coordinator Wärtsilä
Chairwoman of Vaasa Entrepreneurship Society (VES)

Tiia-Maria is a highly motivated Human Resource process professional and is working for Wärtsilä since 2018. Her strong interest in innovation and startup community lead her to VES, where she has now been elected as chairwoman of the Board 2021.

Matina Mitsobonou

EnergySpin Communications Specialist

Matina has always been working in communicating the message of organizations that promote ideas and activities that shape the present and the future of our world. At EnergySpin, she is responsible for startup communication and event organization. Matina is the moderator of this webinar.

Marko Kuokkanen

GigaVaasa – Sales and Marketing Director
EnergySpin – Key Account Manager
At EnergySpin, Marko is responsible for technology and business issues and is helping startups to reach their goals in making business and scaling up.

Marko J Koski

Founder of EnergySpin
Marko J Koski has been working with startups close to ten years and is the founder of EnergySpin. Marko is part of FiBAN network, which is one the largest business angel networks in Europe. Marko has founded several companies, has multiple board positions and operates as area business angel in the heart of the Nordic energy tech scene.

Vaasa region in Finland, is home to many successful companies, which are driving the future of cleantech industries. It is a cradle to startups that grow into multinational corporation such as Vacon (now part of Danfoss) and The Switch. It is a unique place where entrepreneurships and innovation are embedded in the genes of the people. It is the place that gave birth to EnergySpin Accelerator program.

The high concentration of energy growth companies with closely connected experts and collaborative environment gave the sparks for this program. EnergySpin started as an innovative platform to share ideas and trends and developed into a multi corporate accelerator program, supporting startups to grow, connecting them to corporates and helping them to challenge the status quo of the industry.

In EnergySpin we believe in the power of innovative ideas, dedicated and hardworking entrepreneurs who are passionate to make the difference. That is why we spend hours on fully understanding the core businesses of the selected startups, and what lies behind them, to really support them and not just give false hopes and useless tools. We help them to tweak their business models, prepare for meetings with corporates & investors and support them in finding the way to enter and position themselves on the market.