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EnergyVaasa talks: Sustainability and circular economy

A webinar on sustainability and circular economy! the purpose of this event is to be an eye-opener and to support companies around the world in making changes towards a more sustainable mindset.

You can watch the webinar recording here.

EnergyVaasa talks

Pär Larshans

Chief Responsibility Public Affairs Officer, RagnSells,
Pär is with a focus on circular economy. He has given more than a thousand speeches all around the world, from California to Japan. At the beginning of 2020, he was honored by Trust Across America-Trust Around the World (TAA-TAW) with the award of Top Thought Leaders in Trust.

Niina Aagard

Chief Operating Officer,
Nordic Innovation,
Niina has been working as COO at Nordic Innovation since the autumn of 2017. Building networks and bridging interests are key elements in her work with facilitating Nordic collaboration for a sustainable future.

Kasper Larsen

CCO, Owner, KLS PurePrint A/S
PurePrint has an ambition to be the world’s greenest and most sustainable printing company. “We want to contribute
to a better future for people and nature.” The company is also one of three companies worldwide with a Platinum certificate within renewable energy, which is one of the five Cradle to Cradle criteria.

Anna-Maija Pajukallio

Head of Unit, Material Economy,
Ministry of the Environment Finland
Anna-Maija is an expert in circular economy policy instruments and has a wide knowledge about the upcoming regulation in Finland.

CERM project – project managers Rasmus Hautala / Tomas Knuts / Göran Östberg

CERM – circular economy roadmap and action plan project for the Ostrobothnia Region, are
presenting the new roadmap. The focus of the roadmap is on how the business life and companies
in the region must change their mindset. In the roadmap, there are practical tools and top ten
actions in the region on how to make the change and transition happen. The document is very
hands-on and easy to understand and implement for SMEs and other players, with checklists
and “do it in this way – start here” instructions.