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26.5. EnergyVaasa talks: Gaseous fuels as a booster of energy transition – reality or a distant dream?


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Gaseous fuels as a booster of energy transition – reality or a distant dream?

On May 26 at 12:00-14:45 EET

By VEBIC, University of Vaasa


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What kind of roles do gaseous fuels have in the energy transition? Are they enablers of future sustainable energy systems? Is the development fast enough to tackle climate change? Is hydrogen able to meet the expectations as a revolutionary solution?


In the webinar, international top-level professionals from academia and industry gather to discuss the most burning issues related to the role of gas as enabler of the clean energy transition. The webinar provides insightful presentations and interesting panel discussions. Moreover, the audience can meet and discuss with the experts in the interactive discussion rooms right after the webinar.




The webinar (12:00-13:30 EET) consists of the presentations and panel discussion on the following themes:


  • The big picture of the Finnish gas market, presented by Cea Mittler, Gasgrid, Finland
  • Sustainable transport – Biomethane as a bus and truck fuel, presented by Jonas Strömberg, Scania, Sweden
  • Sector coupling by Sonja Monica Berlijn, presented by KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden
  • Hydrogen Market Development, presented by Auður Nanna Baldvinsdottir, IDUNN H2, Iceland
  • Gas in the German energy mix: Business opportunities, presented by Jan Feller, German-Finnish Chamber of Commerce, Finland


The expert panel consists of Reetta Kaila, (Wärtsilä, Finland), Marie Münster (Technical University of Denmark), and Jukka Räsänen (Neste, Finland).


The webinar is moderated by Suvi Karirinne (VEBIC, University of Vaasa, Finland).


Three parallel discussion rooms (13:45-14:45 EET) are organized via Zoom. Please, join one of the following discussion rooms to listen and share your ideas with the experts.


Room 1. Clean hydrogen transition – what does it entail? moderated by Suvi Karirinne (VEBIC, University of Vaasa). Experts: Marie Münster (DTU), Ville Tulkki (VTT)

Room 2. Advancing future sustainable gas market – legal & policy insights moderated by Petra Berg (VEBIC, University of Vaasa). Experts: Cea Mittler (Gasgrid), Laura Huomo (Roschier)

Room 3. Maritime Energy Transition – What’s up in Nordics? moderated by Katja Jankens (Nordic Hub) and Lasse Pohjala (VASEK). Experts: Andreas Bach (SMTP and Swedish Maritime Technology Forum part of RISE), Jan Boyesen (MARLOG), Ole Svendgård (RENERGY)


Cea Mittler, Corporate legal counsel, Gasgrid Finland

Cea is a transformative learner at heart, with a focus on future fuel applications reshaping our energy systems. Currently, she acts as Head of Legal at Gasgrid Finland, responsible for the legal affairs of the company while shaping policy and procedures related to the gas transmission business. Cea holds an LL.M. in EU Energy Law.

Jonas Strömberg, Sustainable director, Buses & Coaches, Scania (Sweden)

Jonas is responsible for co-ordinating Scania's global activities on Sustainable Public Transportation. Previously, he has worked as Head of Sustainability at Swedish Aviation and Stockholm Arlanda Airport, and as Sustainability Manager at Stockholm Public Transport. Jonas holds a M.Sc. degree in Industrial Management and Engineering.

Sonja Monica Berlijn, Professor and Head of School, Royal Institute of Technology - KTH (Sweden)

Sonja is a professor in sustainable integrated energy systems and Head of School of Electrotechnical Engineering and Data Sciences at KTH. Previously, she worked at the High Voltage Laboratory of KEMA, the research institute STRI, at Statnett, and at the NMBU. Sonja is member and board member of a number of organizations.

Auður Nanna Baldvinsdottir, Co-founder, IðunnH2, (Iceland)

Nanna is Co-founder of the hydrogen company IðunnH2, which is focused on exporting cost competitive green hydrogen from Iceland. Nanna has over 15 years of experience within the energy sector, with recent focus on hydrogen mobility and hydrogen export, renewable fuels, and Green Power Purchase agreements. She holds a M.Sc. in Energy Policy.

Jan Feller, Managing Director, German-Finnish Chamber of Commerce

Jan Feller has studied, worked and started his own companies in Finland and Germany. He completed his doctorate in engineering at the Helsinki University of Technology, Department of Industrial Economics. Jan had a ten-year career at Microsoft Mobile and Nokia. Jan started as Deputy CEO of the German-Finnish Chamber of Commerce in 2015 and as CEO in 2019.

Reetta Kaila, Technology and development manager, Wärtsilä

Reetta works as Technology & Development Manager for Wärtsilä Biogas Solutions at Wärtsilä Gas Solutions, Finland. Previously, she worked as Sales Manager for product line LNG Fuel Gas Supply Systems in North-Europe and Asia, and as Product Manager for developing new technologies for fuel gas conditioning. Reetta holds a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering.

Marie Münster, Professor, Technical University of Denmark - DTU (Denmark)

Marie is Professor WSR in Energy System Modeling at Technical University of Denmark. She holds a M.Sc. in Energy Planning and a Ph.D. in Energy Modeling and extensive experience within the field of energy system modeling with focus on integrated energy systems and smart sector coupling analyzing technologies producing power, heat, gas and transport fuels.

Jukka Räsänen, Head Of Business Development, Renewable H2 and Power-to-X, Neste

Jukka Räsänen is heading the business development of renewable H2 and Power-to-X at Neste. Jukka is an opportunity-seeking and opportunity-creating person with track record of leading strategy development and implementation, and hands-on experience from scaleup from lab to industrial-scale. He holds a M.Sc. in Innovative and Sustainable Chemical Engineering.

Suvi Karirinne, Director, VEBIC, University of Vaasa

Suvi has over twenty years’ experience working both in the university and in the various business sectors as a RDI-team and degree programme leader as well as RD-project manager. Currently she works as a director of multidisciplinary Vaasa Energy Business Innovation Centre (VEBIC) at the University of Vaasa. Suvi holds a Ph.D. in Tech. material science.




Ville Tulkki, Research Team Leader, VTT

Ville currently works as a leader of Reactor Analysis team at VTT's Nuclear Energy research area. He has been researching the future applications of nuclear energy, focusing on non-electric applications such as heat and hydrogen production, and coordinates the EURATOM-funded project ELSMOR. Ville holds a Ph.D. in Tech. nuclear engineering.

Laura Huomo, Counsel, Energy & Capital Markets, Roschier

Laura has extensive experience of international equity and debt capital offerings, including IPOs as well as banking and structured finance transactions, and she focuses in particular on European and Finnish energy regulation and energy sector financing. Besides her Finnish LL.M. degree, Laura holds a post graduate LL.M. degree from University of Michigan.

Andreas Bach, Senior Advisor, Maritime Affairs, SMTP and Swedish Maritime Technology Forum part of RISE (Sweden)

Andreas is a Master Mariner and holds a M.Sc. in Maritime Safety and Environmental Administration. He has worked in many maritime areas such as on board ships, in the Swedish Maritime Administration and is currently employed by Research Institutes of Sweden (RISE) focusing on sustainable energy carriers for ships and the development of the sustainable ports.

Jan Boyesen, Senior Manager Green Transition, Denmark’s national cluster for the maritime and logistics sectors, Maritime & Logistics Innovation Denmark (MARLOG) (Denmark)

Jan has worked within maritime and logistics cluster and network organizations for the last 14 years. He has been head of development for 9 years at the MARITIME development center and Head of Secretariat at the Danish Association for Transport Economics. He has a M.Sc. in Technology and Socio-economic Planning from Roskilde University.

Ole Svendgård, Cluster manager, Renewable Energy Cluster (RENERGY) (Norway)

Ole has worked with business development, regional innovations systems and cooperation based innovation for 20 years, and the last 4 years as manager for the innovation cluster RENERGY. Previously he worked with distribution of energy gases and with wind energy development. He holds a degree in business and economics and has a keen interest in technology.

Petra Berg, Researcher, VEBIC, University of Vaasa

Petra is a researcher at the School of Marketing and Communication and VEBIC, University of Vaasa. Her research focuses on sustainability transitions, energy behavior and green digitalization. She is one of the founding board members of Nordic Energy Equality Network – NEEN.

Katja Jankens, Nordic Hub Manager, Viexpo

Katja is a senior advisor at Viexpo, a non-profit organization that helps Finnish companies start and develop export and internationalization. Katja has long experience in helping companies to new markets and her special field of knowledge is Scandinavia. As NordicHub Manager she develops and implements NordicHub, a Nordic network for companies and clusters.

Lasse Pohjala, Senior Business Advisor, VASEK

Lasse works for Vaasa Region Development Company, most often working in energy technology related projects. Concentrating in Nordic co-operation and networking, he has experience in steel industry and heat treatment business, which has given a good basis for his work as a business advisor for companies in the Vaasa region, focusing on internalization.