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EnergyVaasa Talks

The EnergyVaasa Talks webinar series had throughout 2021 guest organizations and projects presenting energy technology and cleantech related topics.

Here is a listing of the webinars.


Presentation of the EnergyVaasa Talks concept

EnergyVaasa Talks presentation

26.1. EnergyVaasa Talks: Sustainability and Circular Economy by CERM

16.2. EnergyVaasa Talks: From bold Ideas to Saving The World

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Organizer: EnergySpin.

17.3. EnergyVaasa Talks: Future Sustainable Workplaces

Something enlightening & extraordinary is planned for March 17th – an online event where inspiring business leaders and decision makers come together to discuss Future Sustainable Workplaces, an EnergyVaasa Talks.

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16–17.3. EnergyVaasa Talks: Online Matchmaking

20.4. EnergyVaasa Talks: UK Energy sector Business opportunities and future outlook

18.5. EnergyVaasa Talks: Circular waste-to-energy? By Westenergy

26.5. EnergyVaasa Talks: Gaseous fuels as a booster of energy transition – reality or a distant dream?

14.9. EnergyVaasa Talks: Sustainable Battery Solutions from Finland

12.10. EnergyVaasa Talks: VGE Online Matchmaking