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Metsän istutus

City of Vaasa

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Miljoona roskapussia -kampanjan kasvoina toimivat Ylen kanavilta tutut Inka Helenius, Anniina Valtonen, Mikko ”Peltsi” Peltola, Kerttu Kotakorpi ja Olli Haapakangas.

Let’s make Vaasa the cleanest city in Finland - The Million Trash Bags campaign inspires everyone to collect litter from the environment

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From Beatles to punk and heavy metal: 20 years of Rokkikoulu

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How would you make the people of Vaasa happy with €15 000?

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Do you need digital guidance?

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Make the residents of Vaasa happy by playing an online game, and you may win a gift card!

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In the Vaasa region beautiful nature and urban city life is easily combined on a single visit

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Onkilahti's new outdoor gym offers a great environment for exercise

Vaasa has gotten a high-quality outdoor gym in Onkilahti Park, with equipment and apparatus to suit all tastes.


The 2022 assessment report has been published

The 2022 assessment report of the municipal audit committee has been published. The assessment report covers, among other things, the implementation of the...


Vaasa wins national award for expanding pedestrian centre

The renewed pedestrian street section of Vaasa's pedestrian centre has been awarded as the Municipal Engineering Achievement of the Year 2023 in the series of...


Risto Vuorimies’ exhibition in the main library during the summer

Risto Vuorimies' photo exhibition is on display in the Gallery Corridor of the Vaasa Main Library from 14 June - 27 July 2023. An interview with Vuorimies, who...