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Vaasa: Life is meant to be easy

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Kvarken Archipelago - UNESCO World Heritage Site

Finland’s only natural heritage is the best place in the world to experience the land uplift caused by the latest Ice Age.

Experience the Kvarken
Night of Arts

Feel the buzz of the city and the warmth of the idyllic villages

In the city that is bigger than its size would suggest, jumping from one type of atmosphere and event to the next is easy.

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Sledge slope restorations for winter

After the restoration, six places can be called official sledge slopes in Vaasa.

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School registration opens up 7.1.2020

The registration for the first grade in the compulsory education as well as the registration for the morning and afternoon care opens up on the 7.1.2020....

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Student tickets now more affordable to Vaasa City Orchestras concerts

Student tickets, and students season cards are are now even more affordable for Vaasa City Orchestras concerts.


Education in English at Suvilahti

A new school line for English-speaking students began in Vaasa this autumn. Alongside the current bilingual education (Finnish / English), an English-language...

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Watch a video from Mac and Dill party!

What a fantastic day! Watch a video from Mac and Dill party 30.11.2019.

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