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Vaasa: Sea. Energy. Passion.

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Kvarken Archipelago - UNESCO World Heritage Site

Finland’s only natural heritage is the best place in the world to experience the land uplift caused by the latest Ice Age.

Experience the Kvarken
Night of Arts

Feel the buzz of the city and the warmth of the idyllic villages

In the city that is bigger than its size would suggest, jumping from one type of atmosphere and event to the next is easy.

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Sledge slope restorations for winter

After the restoration, six places can be called official sledge slopes in Vaasa.

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The results of Vaasa's image survey: “Vaasa brings to mind the sea and the coast, Swedish language and the sun”

Only one Finn in ten (11%) feels that they know Vaasa well. Vaasa is better known among Swedish speakers (40%). Spontaneous imagery of Vaasa brings to mind the...

Nainen meren äärellä

Free family activities on the ice and in the hall

We arrange free family activities for everyone during the weekends from September to May.

Lapset luistelevat jäähallissa

Ride the bus for free on Friday 20.9.

European mobility week and car free day is on week 38. Buses are free on Friday 20.9.

Nainen tulossa bussiin

Construction of the new ship for Vaasa-Umeå route has begun

The construction of the new ship for Kvarken Link began at the Rauma Marine Constructions shipyard during a traditional steel cutting ceremony.

Wasaline steel cutting -seremonia 16.9.2019