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About Energy academy

Energy Academy is a cooperation model between universities and leading companies in the Vaasa region.

It is designed to increase the appeal of the area to students and graduates as well as to create better connections between working life, RDI and young talents.

We bring together all six universities in Vaasa: University of Vaasa, Vaasa University of Applied Sciences, Novia University of Applied Sciences, Hanken School of Economics, University of Helsinki and Åbo Akademi University. Companies and hubs involved are ABB Oy, Danfoss, EnergyVaasa, Hitachi Energy, Merinova, City of Vaasa, Vaasan Sähkö, VASEK and Wärtsilä Finland.

The model is tightly connected to the Nordic Battery Belt, making Vaasa area an essential link in the sustainable value chain in Finland, Sweden and Norway.

Energy Academy insists on healing the planet for future generations – and making Vaasa a better place to live, study and work.

Mentoring program takes you towards working life

Mentoring program picture from Hitachi Energy

How to move on to working life after studies? What kind of opportunities do companies offer? What skills should I improve? Among other things, these matters are discussed in the mentoring program that supports students in developing their skill set and preparedness for working life. The next mentoring program starts in November 2021.
The application time was during October and is now closed.

Further information: Marika Kuusisto, marika.kuusisto@hitachienergy.com, p. +35850 335 8700

The next mentoring program will be announced here, the last program started in November 2021.

Read (in Finnish) about the experiences of those who have already participated in the mentoring programme:



STHEC – Smart Technology Hub Ecosystem Challenge 2021

STHEC picture from 13.11.2019, photographed at Wasa Innovation Center.

STHEC – the Smart Technology Hub Ecosystem Challenge – is a 2-day innovation challenge where students on bachelor and masters level get to team up and solve real challenges together in smaller teams. The idea is to connect students, companies and professionals together and offer a showcase of how it is to work in an ecosystem of different players and co-create new solutions together. It furthermore offers great possibilities for networking and for students and companies to get to know each other and show one’s potential.
STHEC was first organized in 2019 by Wärtsilä in collaboration with its partners. You can read more about 2019 year’s STHEC here https://www.smarttechnologyhub.com/smart-technology-hub-ecosystem-challenge-showcased-the-outstanding-potential-of-students/.

This year the event is organized virtually under the umbrella of the Energy Academy. Read more about STHEC and sign up for the challenge on https://www.smarttechnologyhub.com/campus/sthec/



The goals of the Energy Academy include:

  • Supporting students by being approachable and present in their studies
  • Bringing students and companies closer to each other, from an early stage to support recruiting
  • Increasing interdisciplinary cooperation
  • Making connections between education and work life
  • Reaching mutual understanding between schools and companies on the needs and challenges in the industry
  • Achieving local synergies in attracting and retaining talent

Proud partners of Energy Academy

Hanken School of Economics

University of Helsinki

Vaasa University of Applied Sciences

University of Vaasa

Novia University of Applied Sciences

Åbo Akademi University




Hitachi Energy


City of Vaasa

Vaasan Sähkö


Wärtsilä Finland

How can a #regenerative approach shape the next industrial revolution? @attep asks @_HelenElizabeth of @wef & Connor Bryant of The Rubbish Project.

#podcast #CircularEconomy #future #sustainability

The countdown to #SMM 2022 is on! With only 20 days to go we are excited to meet face to face and show how we are leading decarbonisation in maritime. More info here: https://wartsi.ly/3Rxh0wA #decarbonisation #decarbonization #Hamburg #Germany #SMM2022 #SMMfair

Hello Oulu! Autumn Forum for HEI’s International Issues have been officially opened by @Maija_Airas

We will help @EndeavourMining transform their #Senegal mine into a top-tier gold asset with incremental production with our electrical & automation upgrade +18 MW extension.

Read more here: https://wartsi.ly/3Qu2QLQ

#PressRelease #EnergyReliability #mining

You can now relive the “EnergySpin Forum & Innovation Awards” event of this year’s Vaasa #EnergyWeek. The Forum is where world-class energy startups meet with international investors and executives. We also found out who won the Energy & Innovation Award!

We're very excited to introduce you to the latest member of our engine family - the Wärtsilä 25.

Register for the #VirtualLaunch event to hear more about this flexible marine engine!
Sign up now: https://wartsi.ly/3bSwviz

#Wartsila25 #engine #decarbonisation #FuelFlexibility

Oletko valmis pahan päivän varalle? 💀🌪

Turvallisuus ei ole vain globaalia turvallisuutta ⚔️ - kansalaisten arjen #turvallisuus'huolet pitäisi huomioida paremmin, sanoo filosofi @univaasa vastuullisuus- ja eettisyysjohtaja Tommi Lehtonen.

➡️Lue lisää: http://www.uwasa.fi/fi/uutishuone/artikkelit/oletko-valmis-pahan-paivan-varalle-turvallisuus-ei-ole-vain-armeijan-vaan

Hej studerande! Kom ihåg att alla examenstuderande och forskarstuderande ska göra en läsårsanmälan inför varje läsår. Du gör din anmälan för läsåret 2022–2023 elektroniskt, sista anmälningsdag är den 2 september 2022 kl. 15.00!
Läs mer: https://www.abo.fi/studera-hos-oss/du-som-redan-studerar/lasarsanmalan/elektronisk-anmalan-i-oili/

Torstaina Helsingissä juhlitaan Taiteiden yötä. Tervetuloa juhlimaan kanssamme Tiedekulmaan, päärakennukseen, Topelian sisäpihalle ja Kansalliskirjastoon. Luvassa mm. tiedettä, taidetta, mikrofilmejä, elävän mallin piirtämistä ja pubivisa.

Taiteiden yö yliopistolla 18.8.2022 | Helsingin yliopisto

Taiteiden yötä vietetään Helsingissä 18. elokuuta. Helsingin yliopisto osallistuu juhlan viettoon usean yksikön voimin. 


We will soon need to find solutions to the problems brought on by #digital inequality & fortify our #CyberSecurity.

Corporations happen to be in a unique position to help. Find out how: https://wartsi.ly/3pbXiK1

@wef #GlobalRisk #CyberResiliance

#ABBFormulaE has a new world champion: congratulations to @svandoorne and his @mercedesEQFE team, who successfully defend their constructors' title at the #SeoulEPrix 👏👏

Twitter feed video.#ABBFormulaE has a new world champion: congratulations to @svandoorne and his @mercedesEQFE team, who successfully defend their constructors' title at the #SeoulEPrix 👏👏
ABB FIA Formula E World Championship@FIAFormulaE


🇰🇷 2022 Hana Bank #SeoulEPrix | @svandoorne @MercedesEQFE

A dominant #SeoulEPrix win – and fourth of the season – for @edomortara of @VenturiFE in Race #100 of #ABBFormulaE. But second place for @svandoorne makes him world champion, as his @mercedesEQFE squad secure the teams' title.

It's Race Day #100 for #ABBFormulaE and @afelixdacosta of @DSTecheetah will start from pole position!👏👏Race start at 0900 CEST.

It's Race 100 for #ABBFormulaE at the #SeoulEPrix. Our ambassadors @LucasdiGrassi and @Sebastien_buemi reflect on their all-electric journey since race 1 in Beijing, 2014.

Congratulations to our ambassador @LucasdiGrassi, whose third-place finish at the #SeoulEPrix ⚡️🏎 🇰🇷 makes him the first driver to score more than 1000 points in #ABBFormulaE. 👏💪
#motorsports #racing
[📸: dppi]

The first-ever #SeoulEPrix is won by @mitchevans_ - his fourth victory of the season, to keep his world title hopes alive. 👏👏👏
Ahead of race 2 tomorrow, he's 21 points behind leader @svandoorne, with 29 still available. Showdown at 0900 CEST!
#ABBFormulaE #Motorsport #racing

A stunning pole position for @oliverrowland1 of @MahindraRacing in wet conditions, for race 1 of the #SeoulEPrix. Race start is 0900 CEST, with thunderstorms forecast!⚡️☔️

Race 1 of the #SeoulEPrix weekend goes green at 0900 CEST. With both drivers’ and teams’ #ABBFormulaE titles to settle, the stakes are high for the all-electric season finale.

Join the #SpaceSaturday at the #WasaFutureFestival in the Wasa Innovation Center tomorrow Sat 13 Aug at 14:00 to hear about what’s topical at the Kvarken Space Center 🛰💡

You can watch the event also online at the event’s YouTube Channel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KbWZ7HyD9DQ


Digitalization and sustainability must work in tandem, says the OECD’s Anthony Gooch. 💻🌍 Watch an excerpt of our conversation with Anthony on empowering billions of #betterdecisions throughout industry 👉 http://social.abb/billions-of-better-decisions

Oletko valmis pahan päivän varalle? 💀🌪

– Perinteisen varautumisen lisäksi tärkeää on tiedon #huoltovarmuus – oikean tiedon varmistaminen ja suojautuminen hybridiuhkilta sekä valetiedolta, sanoo Annukka Jokipii @univaasa @irwinproject1

➡️Lue lisää: http://www.uwasa.fi/fi/uutishuone/artikkelit/oletko-valmis-pahan-paivan-varalle-turvallisuus-ei-ole-vain-armeijan-vaan

There are more #robots per population in South Korea than any other country on earth. Yet unemployment remains low, and attitudes towards #technology are generally positive. What lessons does this country have for a world heading for greater #automation?

#MythBuster alert! 🚨
Did you know that #AirLubrication is a highly effective way to cut ship fuel consumption? We look at 5 common misconceptions about air lubrication & why they’re wrong. https://wartsi.ly/3zUNIQi

@SilverstreamTec #CleanTech #decarbonisation

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