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Visit Vaasa's Summer Bus 2021

Take the bus to the most interesting sights in the Vaasa region – a convenient and environmentally friendly alternative and no problems finding parking.

Visit Vaasa’s summer bus stated its trips in May. During the summer months, there are departures almost every day and the tours continue until September. Information about tours is added to this page when the timetables are set.

The bus tours are carried out in accordance with current restrictions and we recommend face masks in the bus.

The price for the bus transport (round trip) is:

  • 10 €/adult
  • 5 €/child 3-12 years

In connection with buying a ticket for the bus, you can also book additional services for each trip.

Tours 1.7.-15.8.








Tours 19.-29.8.





More about the sights

  • Experience the Kvarken archipelago on the cruiser M/S Corina. Daily cruises 2.7.-8.8.2021.

    You can also book M/S Corina for a long or short cruise in our unique, beautiful archipelago. M/S Corina takes a maximum of 50 passengers and you can book catering services on board.

    +358 500 260 751


  • West Coast Rib Charter

    Söderskogsvägen 164, Korsnäs


    Join one of our tours or let us tailor your own archipelago tour for you.

    The boat has a capacity for 12 passengers. Please note that the minimum number of passengers for the boat to depart is eight persons. Should your tour be canceled, we will try to find a solution that suits you.

    We are happy to tailor packages with complete solutions for companies and groups. The package can include e.g. cooperative exercises in the water, sauna, kayaking, and activities with jet skis, catering or restaurant visits. We can also arrange accommodation.

    The home-port is Molpe, but departures can take place from ports in the area between Närpes to Korsholm.

    +358 (0) 50 367 2037


  • Aava Kertun Kotitila - Farm

    Österändsvägen 92, Södra Vallgrund

    aavakertun kotitila

    Our farm is in Södra Vallgrund, 32 km from Vaasa, in the World Heritage area. Our farm has both traditional and somewhat rare pets.

    With us you can spend a day relaxing and enjoying the authentic rural environment with a cup of coffee, or attend brushing and taking care of the the animals. You can arrange a day trip for groups all year round or visit during the summer hours.

    +358 45 671 9358


  • Bodvattnet nature trail

    Björköntie 1013, 65870 Mustasaari

    Bodvattnetin kierroksella tutustut helposti saariston luontoon ja kulttuuriin.

    Bodvattnet nature trail is about 4 kilometres long. Along the trail, you will see the De Geer moraine ridges and Bodback’s old fishing harbour. The circular trail starts and ends at the parking area in Svedjehamn harbour, in the village of Björköby. The trail is suitable for the whole family, and along the trail there is a 20 meter high observation  tower Saltkaret, a composting toilet and a campfire site with firewood. Parts of the trail to the observation tower and Bodback’s harbour can be accessed with pram and wheelchair. The observation tower has a lower viewing platform suitable for prams and wheelchairs.


  • Cafe & Restaurant Salteriet

    Björkövägen 1011, Korsholm

    Drink and dine local food while enjoying the unique atmosphere of the World Heritage Site of Kvarken.
    At the Cafe Salteriet you can order food that is prepared from ingredients that are bought locally. When in Finland you can always count on to enjoy a cup of coffee with fresh baked pastries. The owner is quite the baker – take my word for it! Out on the terrace is the perfect place to enjoy a cold drink or two while taking in the unique atmosphere of the World Heritage site in all its glory. Seeing the beautiful sunset is a must.

    +358 45 148 6677

  • Kvarken Shop

    Björkövägen 1011, Korsholm

    Kvarken Shop

    Gift Shop for local handicraft, ceramic art, wool and silk products, silver and glass products, paintings, wood works, and cosmetics from nature.


  • Meteoria Söderfjärden

    Marenintie 226, Vaasa

    Söderfjärdenin Meteoriihi

    Meteoria Söderfjärden is a unique visiting centre in the middle of the most beautiful meteorite crater in Finland

    • An advanced exhibition telling  a long story of at least 520 million years of Söderfjärden
      – from an impact crater to the agricultural and Natura 2000 area of today
    • A well-equipped astronomical observatory with a telescope for studies of celestial bodies millions of light years out into the universe
    • A bird-watching tower in the middle of the most important resting area for cranes in Finland
    • A cafeteria in an old treshing barn
    • A model of our solar system, a model of the crater an a timeline of earths history: TellusTimeLine
    • An energy cellar – own production of renewable energy: solar and wind
    • An exhibition with unique meteorites and an exhibition with old farming machinery

    The exhibition is open for individuals and small groups during the opening hours. An exhibition tour on other hours than the usual opening hours, can easily be arranged for bigger groups simply by booking online.

    A certified crater guide is always present on normal opening hours and other hours, if booked in advance.

    The bird watching tower and the exhibition outside the building is available free of charge, every hour per day and every day per year.

  • Polkuped Kayak

    Stenlundsvägen 97, Korsnäs

    Polkuped kayak offers guided tours and rental of kayaks. We are located in Molpe on the west coast of Finland, about 30 minutes south of Vaasa. Molpe is a true paradise for those who love the sea, to practice various sport activities, to swim or just enjoy the nice nature. Welcome!

    +358 05 0536 6281


  • Replot bridge

    Replotvägen 1, Korsholm

    Raippaluodon silta on Suomen pisin silta.

    Let the Replot bridge lead you to the northern part of the Kvarken Archipelago World Heritage area!

    The bridge is 1045 metres long which makes it the longest bridge in Finland. By the bridge, park your car at the parking area by the Restaurant and Café Berny’s, walk up to the bridge and take in the scenery. Visit also the World Heritage Gateway in the same premises with the restaurant. There you can get tips for your trip to the archipelago.

    The bridge opened in 1997 and Martti Ahtisaari and Ólafur Ragnar Grimsson, the previous presidents of Finland and Iceland, attended the opening on the 27th of August. The bridge replaced ferries and thousands of people cross the bridge every day. The pylons rise 82,5 meters above sea level and the clearance height for boats is 26 meters.

    Photo: Esa Siltaloppi/ES Visuals

  • Saltkaret

    Svedjehamn, Korsholm

    Observation Tower Saltkaret

    The impressive, tar coloured Saltkaret raises to over 20 meters height in the World heritage area of Kvarken Archipelago. The tower, located in the fish harbour Svedjehamn, offers a beautiful view over the De Geer-moraines. This unique moraine archipelago affirms the enormous power of the last ice age in the Kvarken Archipelago.

    The visible area from the tower is a perfect example of the De Geer areas in Finland. The tower also pleases many bird-watchers, as many of the typical bird species of the island can be spotted in the area, such as black coots, terns and sea eagles. The wooden observation tower is also an excellent intermediate stopping point for hikers, because it is located directly by the hiking trail. You can reach the lower level of the tower also with prams or wheelchairs.

    Driving directions to Saltkaret:

    Saltkaret is located in Svedjehamn, which is in the municipality of Korsholm, about 40-45 minutes drive northwest from the centre of Vaasa. From Vaasa: drive on road number 742 (Alskatvägen/Alskatintie) north towards Replot (Raippaluoto) approximately 20 kilometres. After Replot continue straight on road 7240 (Replotvägen/Björkövägen OR Raippaluodontie/Björköntie) approximately 20 kilometres and you’ll arrive to Svedjehamn harbour where the road ends.

    There is a free parking place in Svedjehamn. The observation tower can already be seen from the harbour and the parking place. Next to the parking place there is an information sign about the Björkö-Panike hiking trail. The observation tower is located by this trail; about 600 metres walk from the parking place.

    You can find the map of the area and further information from excursion map.


  • Sommarö Nature Trail

    Sommarövägen, Korsholm

    The Sommarö Nature Trail is located in the area of the former Sommarö fort, in Södra Vallgrund.

    There are two trails in the area. The shorter circular trail (1.5 km/2.4 km) leads through a memorial for the coastal artillery fort to the beach at the camping area. The longer trail leads to the Sommarösund beach in Södra Vallgrund (7 km). Along the longer trail, you will see a geologically fascinating giant’s kettle, as well as cultural landscape (including stone fences).

    There are two campfire sites and dry toilets, tables and benches along the Paths. In the yard of the Sommarö guardhouse there is a lean-to shelter (in public use). An information board (including maps) at each end of the trail and five information boards along the trail.

  • Sommaröhallen Handicraft Shop

    Sommarösundvägen 260, Korsholm


    Sommaröhallen is a local shop for handicraft, local food, flowers, and a coffee shop in Södra Vallgrund in the Kvarken World Heritage Archipelago.

    +358 6 3527 830


  • Stundars Museum and Cultural Centre

    Stundarsvägen 5, Korsholm


    Stundars in Korsholm is a large open-air museum with 70 buildings including a country shop, a school, a farmstead, and crofters’ cottages. Come and experience life as it may have been at the turn of the 20th century in the countryside in Ostrobothnia. The museum area also houses art studios, a printing museum, a crafts shop, a café and a restaurant. We also arrange art exhibitions and cultural events.

    +358 6 5709 9000


  • World Heritage Gateway

    Replotvägen 2, Korsholm

    The Visitor Centre The World Heritage Gateway is located by the Replot bridge. The brand-new exhibition Weichsel and the info point Littorina tell the story of the World Heritage; how the Ice Age, land uplift, waves and ice have affected the scenery of the archipelago and the inhabitants’ lives through out millennia. The exhibition Weichsel has a small entrance fee.

    The Art Gallery Arte Mare and Berny’s Restaurant and Cafe are in the same premises. The art gallery and the info point Littorina are always open when the restaurant is open.

    +358 50 3466 200


  • Wästinn

    Västerö 1587, Vörå

    Wästinn & Café is located in Ostrobothnia and Maxmo archipelago on the west coast of Finland and about 50 kilometers north from Vaasa.

    We serve companies, associations and individuals with high-quality accommodation, restaurant and program services from March to November. We arrange meetings, family parties and excursions that may consist of meals, conference services, sauna and guided tours.

    We prepare authentic home-cooked food that is prepared in our kitchen from start to finish and uses local and partly organic ingredients from our own garden. Our meals are mainly based on local fish such as whitefish, wild salmon, herring and perch but there are also meat dishes as an alternative. Prebooked group for only lunch or dinner can be ordered for minimum 10 persons.

    +358 50 5899 724


The trips with the summer bus are made possible via the Access project, which is financed by The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment and administered by VASEK.

Read more about the project (in Finnish)