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  • The house is a farmhouse from the 1950s, but in a more modern style. Completely renovated with modern WC and shower. The kitchen is as it was in the past with a wood-burning stove and low kitchen furnishings. There is a gas stove and coffee maker and kettle. Breakfast accessories are available. A double bedroom and a small room with a bed. On the attic, there is a room for conference facilities, for about 15 people. It is possible to sleep in the conference room (sofa 180cm x 60cm) and extra mattress. Outdoors there is a sauna that guests can heat themselves (burns with wood), and then take a dip in the sea. The house is located next to the Kvarken World Natural Heritage. Quiet environment with old boathouses and sea views.

  • Molpe Caravan

    Sjövägen 298, Korsnäs

    Do you want to park your motorhome or caravan in the southern parts of Kvarken’s Natural World  Heritage? Then you are warmly welcome to Molpe Caravan parking right next to the sea in Molpe!

    Booking instructions:

    Go to:
    Follow the instructions on the site to make your reservation.
    You will get an e-mail confirming your reservation and in this e-mail you will find a PIN-code to open the gate.

    When you arrive please use the five digit code listed in your e-mail and end with pressing the #-key.

    If you have chosen a service that includes access to toilet and shower area you will also receive this code in your e-mail.