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Business services

Starting a business and becoming an entrepreneur is not always easy. You should carefully evaluate your business idea before setting up a business. Before you make up your mind, it is worth contacting an expert.

Expert help is also worth its weight in gold when the operations are already up and running. In the Vaasa region, you do not need to struggle alone, because we have a well-functioning network that entrepreneurs can resort to in different situations.

Vaasa Region Development Company VASEK and Vaasa Region Enterprise Agency Startia

VASEK, owned by the municipalities in the Vaasa region, is a full-service house and always there for businesses. They offer guidance and advice free of charge throughout the whole lifecycle of businesses: when starting and developing operations, changes in ownership, education, investments and financing related issues, networking and internationalisation.

Enterprise agency Startia, operating in conjunction to VASEK, offers help and guidance when starting a business. Turn to Startia when you need support in planning your business operations, compiling a business plan and making calculations.

VASEK’s and Startia’s services


Finnvera offers financing (loans, guarantees and export guarantees) for the start, growth and internationalisation of enterprises and for protection against export risks.

Finnvera’s goals are for example increasing the number of starting enterprises; enabling financing for changes encountered by SMEs; and promotion of enterprise growth, internationalisation and exports.

Finnvera’s webpage

Employment and Economic Development Office (TE Services)

Turn to the Employment and Economic Development Office (TE Services) when you are looking for an employee. TE Services know the employees and labour market in the region and they will help you find just the right person for your business.

TE Services grant the start-up grant for starting a business. In order to apply for start-up grant, you need a statement from Enterprise Agency Startia.

TE Services for entrepreneurs

Technology Centre Merinova

Merinova’s expertise is in developing businesses and their operating conditions, with special competence in energy technology. They are involved in various projects, programs and services both regionally, nationally and globally, and serve separate energy technology businesses with their versatile business development services.

Technology Centre Merinova’s website


Viexpo’s basic mission is to advice and serve enterprises from various fields with questions relating to export and internationalisation. They serve small and medium-sized companies in various stages of the export path. Viexpo is part of the Team Finland network and the internationalisation unit of the Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment in Ostrobothnia.

Viexpo’s website

Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment in Ostrobothnia (ELY Centre)

The ELY Centre in Ostrobothnia offers advisory, financing and development services for enterprises. They grant funding for SME investment and development projects when businesses are establishing, making significant investments or strives to grow. Special emphasis is on businesses’ internationalisation.

Agricultural subsidies make it possible for many kinds of businesses to develop and improve their operations.

Contact the ELY Centre and ask for grant opportunities

Ostrobothnia Chamber of Commerce

The Chamber of Commerce work for the interests of the business community while also promoting economic development in the region. They create networking opportunities for businesses, organise educations and offer many other services.

Ostrobothnia Chamber of Commerce’s website

Entrepreneurs' associations

Rannikko-Pohjanmaan Yrittäjät is a bilingual regional organisation for entrepreneurs’ associations and entrepreneurs in Ostrobothnia. It acts as a forum of contacts between the region’s entrepreneurs and different stakeholders. The regional organisation is a regional advocate and influencer, working with local associations to improve the conditions for SME’s and entrepreneurs in the area.

Rannikko-Pohjanmaan Yrittäjät (in Finnish)

Suomen Yrittäjät (in English)