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Unesco World Heritage
De Geer moraine scenery during autumn colours.

UNESCO World Heritage Site
Welcome to the Kvarken Archipelago

A Valuable Natural Heritage Site

The unique Kvarken Archipelago is Finland's only Natural World Heritage Site on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Together with Sweden's High Coast, the Kvarken Archipelago is the best place in the world to experience and understand the land uplift phenomenon caused by the last Ice Age.

Saltkaret observation tower and an old boathouse at Bodback during autumn colours.

Experience the Kvarken Archipelago

In the Kvarken archipelago, you can experience the fresh nature, the idyllic villages and the breathtaking land uplift scenery.

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Maailmanperintöportissa voit tutustua Merenkurkun saaristoon.

Visitor Center World Heritage Gateway

Located next to the longest bridge in Finland, the Visitor Center World Heritage Gateway is the starting point of your visit! At the gate you will receive information about our World Heritage and get tips on sights and things to do in the Kvarken Archipelago. Welcome!

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A painting of a green-blue sea monster.

Kvarken’s Sea Monster – Escape Game

The mysterious sea monster has been seen in the Kvarken Archipelago in the 1800s. Now it seems to be back in our rocky kingdom. Step in to the exhibition Weichsel in the visitor centre World Heritage Gateway, and see if you can catch the monster in time! The game will open for playing the 22nd of August 2022.

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Black guillemot.

Audio Guide for the Kvarken Archipelago

Stories from the Kvarken Archipelago World Heritage area collected in one audio guide! Listen anytime, anywhere, no app needed. The audio guide has 75 place-specific episodes, making it a great companion for your archipelago excursions.

Listen to stories of the Kvarken Archipelago
Kvarken Archipelago is known for its De Geer moraine scenery.

World Heritage Site in a nutshell

High meets low: the Kvarken Archipelago and Sweden's High Coast are a joint World Heritage Site on UNESCO's list. Traces of the Ice Age and continuous land uplift feature the both sides.

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Two people watch as a drone is flying away.

Projects in the Kvarken Archipelago World Heritage area

Read more about the ongoing projects in the Kvarken Archipelago World Heritage area.

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Kvarken Archipelago in 360

Kvarken Archipelago from bird's perspective - even with your VR glasses! This 360 tour takes you around our World Heritage area and reveals bits and pieces of information on the way. You can reach even the more secluded parts of the archipelago.

Experience Kvarken in 360