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Media and Communications Services

Communication and marketing help to support and contribute to Vaasa's development and survival as a competitive, attractive, resident caring and customer-oriented place for everyone.

Communications and Community Relations of the City of Vaasa 

We provide information on city services, activities, plans and goals for residents, customers, the media, and other stakeholders. 

Through municipal marketing, we make Vaasa and its strengths known in Finland and abroad. We manage and co-ordinate the general marketing of the city and are responsible for the marketing material. 

Graphic services (Graafiset palvelut) produces high-quality graphic printing and printing services, graphic design, photography and expert services, primarily for the City of Vaasa’s offices and institutions. 

Contact us:

Communication and marketing director Leena Forsén, leena.forsen(at), 040 635 0762.

Communication Services’ general mail: viestinta(at) 

Communications and Community Relations of the City of Vaasa

  • Senior Communications Specialist Jenni Tuliniemi, City Communication Coordination, Corporate Administration Communication, Vaasa City magazine and Crisis Communication
  • Senior Marketing Specialist Susanna Palmroth, City Marketing  Coordination
  • Communications Specialist Ilari Rautiainen, Urban environment sector and Web Service City of Vaasa, Visit Vaasa, Vaasa Region, Kvarken
  • Communications Specialist  Susanna Saari, Education (Sports Services, Youth Services, Early Childhood Education, Basic Education, Vamia, Colleges, High Schools) and social media 
  • Communications Specialist  Eliina Salmela, Workplace Communication Support, Intranet, Corporate Administration (HR, employment, international affairs, community relations)
  • Marketing Specialist Pauliina Pääkkönen Education (Museums, Cultural Centre, Libraries)
  • Marketing Specialist  Heli Masa, General Marketing Planning Tasks.
  • Graphic Design Services, graafisetpalvelut(at) 
    • Graphic designer Mikael Matikainen
    • Graphic designer Jouko Keto
    • Graphic designer Rauli Lehto
    • Digital printer Janne Pessi

Vaasa City Group's communications are also responsible for: 

City Theatre

Communicator Heidi Sippola
heidi.sippola(at), 040 773 7587

City Orchestra

Communications and Orchestra Manager Sonja Pitkäjärvi
sonja.pitkajarvi(at), 0400 860 745

Vaasa University of Applied Sciences VAMK


Account Manager Jukka-Pekka Suoraniemi
040 727 8898

Vaasa Water 

Vaasan Sähkö (electricity service) 

Marketing Manager Tiina Lillbacka
tiina.lillbacka(at), 06 324 5276 

Communications Manager Mikaela Jussila
mikaela.jussila(at), 06 324 5162 


Communications Manager Nina Lindman

nina.lindman(at), 010 320 7640 

Vaasa Region Development Company VASEK communications  

Vaasan seudun Matkailu Oy (Visit Vaasa) Communications

Max Jansson, Managing Director of Vaasa Region Matkailu Oy (Visit Vaasa), acts as the contact person for the company’s media. Contact information:, tel. +358 40 533 5083

Kvarken Archipelago World Heritage Site Communications

Kenth Nedergård, customer service director Kvarken World Heritage
tel. +358 (0)50 346 6200

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