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Berths and berth reservation

The City of Vaasa rents and maintains berths for small boats along the shores of the city waterfront area, Vaskiluoto, Palosaari, Vikinga, Isolahti, Gerby and Sundom. Berths for larger boats to rent can be found at the Inner Harbour.

The city also offers free winter storage as well as year-round storage for boats. The boating season starts on 1 May and ends 31 October. The winter storage season for boats starts on 1 September and ends 1 June.

Notify about a change of address or cancellation of a berth!


Berthing fees and invoicing

Anyone who has paid for a previous season’s berth will automatically be sent a new invoice during March. By paying the invoice by the due date, the tenant will secure the berth for the upcoming rental period. At the same time, the tenant undertakes to abide by the applicable leasing terms of the berths. Unpaid berths are immediately available for rental.

Invoices that are sent with incorrect address information often do not reach the holder of the berth, which assumes that the location is no longer wanted. That is why it is very important to report any change of address either by calling +358 6 325 4034 or by sending an email to venepaikat@vaasa.fi.

Vaasa marina maps


Prison Basin, Prison Basin Marina Berths (map)
Kruunu Magazine, Kruunu Magazine Marina Berths (map)
Inner Harbour –Kuntsi, Inner harbour Berths (map)
Hietasaari,  Hietasaari Marina Berths (map)
Kasarminkatu Basin, Kasarminkatu Marina Berths (map)


Onkilahti Marina,  Onkilahti Marina Berths (map)
Palosaari Sound, Palosaari North Marina Berths (map)
Tervahovi, Palosaari East Marina Berths (map)
Mansikkasaari, Palosaari Mansikkasaari Marina Berths (map)
Kulmakatu, Kulmakatu Marina Berths (map)
Järvikatu, Järvikatu Marina Berths (map)


Kutteri Marina,  Kutteri Marina Berths (map)
Kronvik Marina,  Kronvik Marina Berths (map)
Västeröver Marina,  Västeröver Marina Berths (map)
Långskär Marina,  Långskär Marina Berths (map)


Vikinga Marina, Viikinga Marina berths (map)
Gerby Marina, Gerby Marina berths (map)
Isolahti, Isolahti Marina berths (map)

Reserving berths and browsing the Timmi booking system

Through the online booking service, you can reserve a berth and pay for it online.

You can access the booking service at https://varaus.vaasa.fi/WebTimmi/#/22

Vacant berths can be viewed without logging in, simply by clicking on the ‘Browse without logging in’ button. You can search for berths by area, harbour or berthing type.

The advantage of using electronic services is that you can take care of berths at your convenience, at any time of the day.

To make a reservation or to process information about your existing reservation, you must first log in to the Timmi system using your personal bank identification codes.

Payment of reservations in the Timmi system

Through the online reservation service, Timmi, you can browse for vacant berths and pay for berths online. Making a reservation requires you to log into the service using your personal bank identification codes.

Authentication: https://varaus.vaasa.fi/WebTimmi/#/22

Price list, rental terms and other necessary information

The price of a berth is determined by the width of the dock and the services at the marina. Services include waste management, lighting, security gates, width of gangways between vessels and water hydrants. Berths at the Inner Harbour (by the Kuntsi Museum) are determined by the length of the vessel.

1.  Marinas and storage areas (map)

2. Berthing rental terms 2020 (Information about potentially dangerous threats)

4. Boat registration


6. EU_regulations 2016/679

The due date for the new season’s berthing fees is 30 April. Available berths can be booked up to one week before Midsummer.

Privacy policy at the City of Vaasa

The application of the European Union Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) began on 25 May 2018. This will not require any action on the part of anyone registered, i.e. residents or customers of the City of Vaasa.

The most significant changes will be the more secure processing of the registered data and the improved rights of the data subjects.

The new privacy setting can be found via the link below.


Privacy Statement For City of Vaasa Berths can be found at Privacy Statement, Berths





Take contact

Berth customer service


  • +358 6 325 4034

Email address


  • Kirkkopuistikko 26, Vaasa

Opening hours

  • Weekdays: 9:00 - 14:00

Dock manager is responsible for maintaining and repairing the quays and abandoned boats.

Financial secretary is responsible for booking and billing for berths (Timmi-system).