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Get involved and make a difference!

Vaasa is a city of people. We want everyone to find a way to get involved and help make the city accessible for everyone. Welcome to these channels of influence and democratic decision-making.

How can I participate and make a difference?

  • Vote in elections
  • Follow decision-making and talk with city councillors
  • Participate in resident associations, resident bridge-building meetings, and workshops
  • Give feedback and take initiatives
  • Respond to enquiries and requests for opinions
  • Apply for grants for activities
  • Stand for election


  • You can give feedback on the services and activities of the City of Vaasa by using the feedback service.

  • How would you develop Vaasa with 15 000 euros? Participatory budgeting is a way of involving residents in the discussion, planning and decision-making of common tax resources.

  • The state and municipalities operate on the basis of a representative democracy.

  • A trained experiential expert is a person who has experience and knowledge of their own or a loved one's illness or challenging life situation..

  • It is important for everyone to be heard and everyone to be given the right to influence their own affairs.

  • The inhabitants make the city. The Vaasa residents' associations are important experts and developers of their residential areas.

  • Our objective in equality and non-discrimination activities is to make the City of Vaasa a more equal and non-discriminatory place to reside, live and to work in.

  • The Vaasa with Energetic Citizens project strengthens the orientation and inclusion of residents in the city's sustainability work by implementing the ideas of local people.


Participation program

The aim of the programme is to improve participation and the opportunities local residents have to influence their environment, and it’s done as a community: for residents, groups, and staff.

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Language program

The program aims, among other things, to appreciate the role of national languages, promote the provision of services in English and support the city employees in lifelong learning.

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