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Get involved and make a difference!

Vaasa is a city of people. We want everyone to find a way to get involved and help make the city accessible for everyone. Welcome to these channels of influence and democratic decision-making.

How can I participate and make a difference?

  • Vote in elections
  • Follow decision-making and talk with city councillors
  • Participate in resident associations, resident bridge-building meetings, and workshops
  • Give feedback and take initiatives
  • Respond to enquiries and requests for opinions
  • Apply for grants for activities
  • Stand for election



Participation program

The aim of the programme is to improve participation and the opportunities local residents have to influence their environment, and it’s done as a community: for residents, groups, and staff.

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Language program

The program aims, among other things, to appreciate the role of national languages, promote the provision of services in English and support the city employees in lifelong learning.

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