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Get involved and be influential

Vaasa is a city of the people. We want everyone to have a great way to participate and feel part of the city. Welcome to these channels of influence and democratic decision making.

Give feedback

You can give feedback on the services and activities of the City of Vaasa by using the form at the bottom of this page.



Participation programme - comment on the draft version until 16 December!

Municipal residents and users of services have the right to participate and influence the activities of the municipality. This is stated in the municipal law. Participation can be promoted through discussion events, community councils, referrals, expert groups and support for residents’ and organisations’ own-initiative planning and preparation, as well as in other ways.

The purpose of the Vaasa Participation Programme is to make the voice of the people of Vaasa better heard in the administration of the city. The core idea of ​​the program is the follow the PARTICIPATION VAASA initiative, where Vaasa residents, their elected representatives and city staff are in constant open and active interaction.

See Vaasa Participation Programme 2021-2025 (draft)!

Tell us your opinion regarding Participation Programme by answering the survey until 16 December!

The programme will be discussed by the City Board in January and then by the City Council.

Voluntary work

When you want to give your time and do something worthwhile, we can offer ready-made channels for volunteering to help senior citizens in our community.


Voluntary work can bring pleasure to your everyday life through new experiences and meaningful activities.

As a volunteer you do not need to have any special skills. You can be of any age. You are also supported by a city employee. In addition, you can choose the working hours and tasks that are right for you and work within your means.

As a volunteer, you are insured with Group Accident Insurance, which is valid during voluntary work and on related journeys to and from the place where you are volunteering.


You will be given an introduction before you start volunteering. We would consider together what would be the right form of voluntary work for you.


Examples of alternatives


  • Be a friend to someone who lives in a service house or act as an outside guide or someone for them to talk to
  • Be a friend on a hospital ward or to a patient, or act as an outside guide or someone for them to talk to
  • Perform at events:

as a singer, song leader, musician or accompanist

  • As an internet advisor
  • Group leader


Or we can plan a new form of voluntary work that is right for you.

Contact us by calling 040 717 3005, e-mail and make an appointment.


Planning to ensure equality and equal treatment

The goal and implementation of the plan is to ensure equality and equal treatment in order to make the City of Vaasa a great place to live and work.


The plan promotes equality and the equal treatment of both service users and staff and prevents discrimination. The aim is to raise awareness of equality issues and to develop our staff and services so that diversity is accepted and can be considered in all activities.


The purpose of the councils is to guarantee the voice of the elderly, disabled, young people and immigrants in Vaasa. Through councils, residents have the opportunity to directly influence decision making.


The councils are elected for two years at a time, and their composition takes into account the representation of residents of different neighbourhoods, for example. The councils represent the interests of the group they represent: they take initiatives, give opinions and monitor planning and decision making.

Take a closer look at the councils and get in touch. The councils are there for the residents.


Youth Council

Youth Council:

  • Consists of youngsters (13-22-year olds) from Vaasa
  • Takes a stand on youth-related issues and promotes their ideas and initiatives to city officials and decision makers
  • Organises interesting activities for young people


Young people in Vaasa elect representatives from the Youth Council. Nomination and voting take place in Vaasa secondary schools, upper-secondary schools and vocational colleges.


Elderly Council

Vaasa Elderly Council serves as an advocacy, information and cooperation body for senior citizens, the authorities, decision makers and other stakeholders. The Council supports, promotes and contributes to the wellbeing of senior citizens in all their activities by monitoring and influencing the activities and decision making of the various city councils.

The members of the Council are elected by pensioners’ organisations.


Immigrant Council

The Immigration Council was established in 2006 on the basis of an initiative by the Board of Governors. The Council promotes the integration of immigrants and seeks to influence the services provided to immigrants. The council has twelve (12) members, half of whom are nominated by city council boards and half by immigrant organisations.


Disability Council

The Disability Council has been established since 1987. It is a cooperation body between the city and the people, their relatives and disability organizations.


  • The state and municipalities operate on the basis of a representative democracy. Citizens elect the President of the Republic of Finland and their representatives in Parliament, the European Parliament and municipal decision-making bodies in free elections.

  • The inhabitants make the city. The Vaasa residents' associations are important experts and developers of their residential areas.

  • It is important for everyone to be heard and everyone to be given the right to influence their own affairs.