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Cycling in Vaasa and the Vaasa Region

Are you ready to embark on a two-wheeled adventure in the sunny seaside city of Vaasa and its stunning surroundings? With plenty of kilometers of bike paths in Vaasa and bike-friendly roads and trails in the surrounding areas, this region is a cyclist’s dream.

Whether you’re a dedicated cyclist or a casual one, Vaasa and the Vaasa region offer a perfect blend of natural beauty, culture, and recreation that will inspire you to leave your car behind and instead enjoy the joy of cycling. It’s a wonderful way to explore the area and an environmentally friendly choice!

Cycling in Vaasa

Vaasa is a great cycling city. Of the residents of Vaasa, 81% live within cycling distance, i.e., less than five kilometers from the city center. The total length of the bike paths is almost 200 kilometers. Vaasa hosts Bike Week in May and Mobility Week in September.”

Bike paths in Vaasa

The map displays bike paths with asphalt and gravel surfaces, along with the maintenance classification of the bike paths. It also provides information about the incline of the bike paths, which can be helpful for route planning.

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Nainen ja mies pyöräilemässä aurinkoisena päivänä. Taustalla näkyy vehreä puisto ja puita.

Marked Cycling Routes in Vaasa

Here are Vaasa's 7 main cycling routes. The routes follow bike paths, and there are signboards with route information along the routes. Venture out and explore the city through these routes!

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Cycling in the Vaasa Region

The Vaasa region is tailor-made for cycling! The landscape is flat, and major hills are a rarity – instead, you’ll often be greeted by a refreshing sea breeze. Here, you’ll find information about interesting cycling routes and trails, whether your favorite is exploring the coastline or venturing inland.”

Cycle routes in the Vaasa Region

Twelve suggested cycling routes starting from Vaasa. The lengths of the routes range from 5.3 kilometers to nearly 100 kilometers. The shorter routes take you from the city center to the outskirts, while the longest ones lead you well into the countryside or the archipelago."

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Cycle vacation in Korsholm

Route suggestion for a biking holiday in Korsholm. Following this route suggestion, you will see most of Korsholm in three days. The route can be shortened or extended according to your preference. Text in Swedish but all the routes are also marked in Google Maps.

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Cycling routes in Isokyrö

Starting point for all the routes are the Napue Battele Monument (Pohjankyröntie 28, Isokyrö). Text in Finnish but all the maps can be downloaded as GPX-files and viewed at e.g.

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4 hotels by bike

Experience the magnificent landscape of Ostrobothnia in a sustainable and environmental-friendly way. In the summer you can book your biking vacation package from one of our hotels - we'll tailor the package for you.

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Mountain Biking in the Vaasa Region

In Vaasa and the Vaasa Region, there are numerous fantastic mountain biking areas waiting to be explored. Experience nature up close and enjoy adrenaline rushes while pedaling through challenging terrain. Whether you are an experienced mountain biker or a beginner, you will find exciting opportunities to embrace nature's challenges.

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