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Lapsia koulussa

Basic education

Basic education is free of charge. There are 13 Finnish language and 5 Swedish language basic schools where basic education is arranged in the city of Vaasa. Furthermore, there are a few private schools; Vaasan kristillinen koulu and Vaasan Rudolf Steiner-koulu as well as a state-run school, Vasa Övningsskola in the City.

Compulsory education of a child who lives permanently in Finland begins in the year they turn seven. Compulsory education ends when the student reaches the age of 18 or if they complete an upper secondary qualification (matriculation examination or vocational qualification) or an equivalent foreign education before that.

Adults may complete the basic education syllabus for example at Alma Adult Education Centre.


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Administration of Basic Education

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  • customer service only by appointment

Basic education in Finnish

Head of education department Kari Nummela p.  040 754 7702,

Principal Johanna Olsson  040 510 0717,

Principal Anne Kärki p. 040 196 28 43,

Coordinator of pupils from different linguistic and cultural backgrounds, Kati Nuojua tfn 040 542 3240,

Basic Education in Swedish

Head of education department, Marianne West p.  040 777 3225,

Head of Education Ann-Sofie Nygård, tfn 040 592 8709,

Morning- and afternoon activities

Serviceplanner Sari Kivelä, 040 127 2699,

Secretary services

Administrative secretary Therése Kangas p.  040 647 5611,

Administrative secretary Annika Härkönen 040 520 4516,