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Happy Student City

Welcome to the student city of Vaasa! Did you know that on the streets of Vaasa, every fifth passerby is a student? So, the overall presence of students, often identified by their overalls, is quite noticeable.

Vaasa is a true student city, where over 14,300 students pursue higher education and approximately 4,000 engage in vocational studies. In proportion to its population, Vaasa is indeed one of the largest student cities in Finland!

In Vaasa, there are plenty of alternatives. Six universities and Universities of Applied Sciences offer degrees in various fields and in three languages – Finnish, Swedish and English. Nearly everything is possible! Whichever option you end up choosing, you can count on it leading you towards the profession of your dreams. Vaasa’s universities and Universities of Applied Sciences produce a diverse range of professionals, including engineers from different fields, business experts, lawyers, teachers, nurses, and social workers.

Vaasa boasts a close-knit student community, with various universities and students actively engaging with each other. The universities are of just the right size, making it easy for you as a student to connect with the teaching staff.

In the Vaasa region, there is an energy cluster comprising over 180 companies and universities. Many of the region’s companies operate globally, providing students with interesting jobs and internship opportunities in an international environment.

On this page, you will find everything you need regarding your student life in Vaasa!

  • Vaasa is a haven for those seeking an ideal study environment. Across six universities, you can pursue various degrees offered in Finnish, Swedish, and English.

  • In Vaasa, you have the opportunity to build the career of your dreams, study your dream field, explore the scenic shores of the sea, enjoy culture, and recharge through hobbies. The sky is the limit!

  • No wonder Vaasa seems so youthful – every fifth person is a university student!

  • Top-notch jobs await top performers! The Vaasa region is currently in demand for various professionals. Explore the new career opportunities offered in this vibrant region.

Welcome to Vaasa, the genuine student city by the coast!

Facts about Vaasa as a student city.

  • 14,300 university students and 4,000 students in vocational studies
  • Every fifth passerby you encounter here is a student
  • Six universities and universities of applied sciences
  • Beautiful campus areas by the sea