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  • Harbors along the route Solrutten

    From Siipyynniemi in the south to Ohtakari in the north.

    The name ”Solrutten” translates to The Sunny Route in English. The concept was originally formed in the 1970’s. The operators who developed The Gulf of Bothnia’s sea lane network at that time came up with the name. Today the Sunny Coast Route stretches through 13 municipalities and towns’ sea areas along the west coast of Finland, from Kristiinankapunki in the south to Kokkola in the north.

    The routes and marinas are geographically featured according to in which municipality they are situated. As the municipalities and the regional council mediate a lot of information to travelers, we have on our part decided to create our own website based on the municipality division. In this way sailors can easily access information about the municipality they are passing through and thus making information search a lot easier.

    The archipelago of Ostrobothnia is shallow and stony. This means that navigation in the region requires a great deal of skill and care. We have decided to create the information about routes and the information given about how to approach the marinas on a basis requested by those skippers who navigate with deeper boats.

    On the web page you find route suggestions and recommended destinations. On the map, you can click on a selected location for more information about the harbor and how to approach it.


  • Beaches in Korsnäs


  • Disc golf Courses in the Vaasa Region

    The Frisbee golf courses in the Vaasa region offer games in fantastic surroundings and varied terrain.

    On this page you find the Disc courses in Finland.

  • Gruvleden

    Gruvvägen, Korsnäs


    Gruvleden, a nature trail that shows the old mining area in Korsnäs (the mining business was active between the years 1960-1973). Starting from Gruvvägen.

    Unfortunately, the Gruvleden is closed until further notice due to high lead content.

    The mining trail (approx. 600 m) that connects the Gruvleden with the Waterloo trail is open.

    Download the map here.

  • Hamnträskets vandringsled

    P379+WM Blacksnäs

    Hamnsträskets hiking trail is located on Södra Björkö in Harrström. The swamp has a rich bird life and in the scenic area by the swamp there is a large lookout tower.

    The trail is about 2 km long and there is a barbecue area by the swamp.

    More information on



  • Molpehällorna Nature Trail


    Molpehällorna Nature Trail is about 2 km long and starts from the yard of the Molpe Nature station.

    Along the nature trail you’ll see the geology, vegetation and animals of the land uplift shores as well as a reconstruction of the Molpehällorna “vippbåk” beacon (which is a memorial for the first beacon in the Gulf of Bothnia).

    The trail is available only by boat.

  • Naturetrail on Molpehällorna

    Molpehallorna, Korsnäs

    The Molpehällorna nature station is located in the outer archipelago of Molpe village. The starting point for the nature trail is the nature station’s courtyard.

    The nature trail is a circular loop of 1/2/3 km. Along the nature trail there are terrain boards and a reconstruction of the Molpehällorna “vippbåk” beacon (which is a memorial for the first beacon in the Gulf of Bothnia).

    Read more about the nature trail on Molpehällorna.

  • Polkuped Kayak

    Stenlundsvägen 97, Korsnäs

    Polkuped kayak offers guided tours and rental of kayaks. We are located in Molpe on the west coast of Finland, about 30 minutes south of Vaasa. Molpe is a true paradise for those who love the sea, to practice various sport activities, to swim or just enjoy the nice nature. Welcome!

    +358 05 0536 6281


  • Waterloo-leden

    Strandvägen 3681, Korsnäs


    The Waterloo trail starts at the Waterloo jogging track which is located along Strandvägen between Korsnäs and Molpe (Strandvägen 3681).

    The trail runs between the Waterloo area and Lisasgrynnan by the sea shore. Beautiful hiking trail with many different terrain types to hike through. A geocache is also located at one of the rest areas.
    The trail is about 7.3 km (3.66 km in one direction).

    In the same area you will also find a Disc Golf Park, fitness stairs and a playing area for boules.

    Download the map here.

  • West Coast Rib Charter

    Hamnvägen 38, Molpe


    West Coast Rib Charter arranges RIB boat trips to various destinations in the Kvarken world heritage archipelago.

    West Coast Rib Charter starts crusing to Molpehällorna islands on Friday June 2nd at 4 p.m this summer. In June and August, the RIB boat departs on Fridays at 4 p.m. and Saturdays at 12 a.m.  1.7–5.8 you can take a cruise every day at 12.00. In addition, trips are made to Strömmingsbådan and Rönnskär in June and August. Starting point: Hamnvägen 38, Molpe. (On the left before the Bergö ferry terminal)

    Check out the booking calendar here:

    Boat trips to other destinations can be booked in advance for groups. Read more and book here: West Coast Rib Charter’s website

    +358 (0) 50 367 2037


  • Westcoast Sportfishing

    Experience a great fishing adventure in the Kvarken Archipelago with Westcoast Sportfishing and fishing guide Johan Nydahl. I guide You or Your company all year around with different rod fishing techniques after perch and pike.

    To guide larger groups I co-operate with other fishing guides in the area. Arranging half and whole day fishing experience, excluding or including lunch, sauna and dinner depending on your requirements.

    +358 50 5532360