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  • Andkil vandringsled

    463V+52 Kondivor

    Andkil hiking trail consists of two stretches, one of 1.7 km and a longer round of almost 9 km.

    Signs to the trail from Rejpeltvägen / Torrkullvägen and on towards Kondivorvägen.

    The first part of the longer stretch, consists of rising terrain, partly over boulders and rocks. Then you continue through forest, land and open landscapes. The highest point of the trail is 52 meters above sea level. Along the latter part of the trail there are places marked with signs, where the names of the places are written in dialect. The name of the places has come from old legends. Let your imagination live and invent the story behind the names of the places.


  • Arvidsstigen och Vernersstigen

    Haviståkersvägen 95, Vörå


    Start: Haviståkersvägen 95, Vörå. The paths start behind the outbuilding at Arvidsgården.
    Distance: Arvidsstigen 1.3 km, Vernersstigen 1.5 km

    Suitable for everyone. Also available with pram. During the summer, there are fairy tale characters and toy animals along the paths.

  • Harbors along the route Solrutten

    From Siipyynniemi in the south to Ohtakari in the north.

    The name ”Solrutten” translates to The Sunny Route in English. The concept was originally formed in the 1970’s. The operators who developed The Gulf of Bothnia’s sea lane network at that time came up with the name. Today the Sunny Coast Route stretches through 13 municipalities and towns’ sea areas along the west coast of Finland, from Kristiinankapunki in the south to Kokkola in the north.

    The routes and marinas are geographically featured according to in which municipality they are situated. As the municipalities and the regional council mediate a lot of information to travelers, we have on our part decided to create our own website based on the municipality division. In this way sailors can easily access information about the municipality they are passing through and thus making information search a lot easier.

    The archipelago of Ostrobothnia is shallow and stony. This means that navigation in the region requires a great deal of skill and care. We have decided to create the information about routes and the information given about how to approach the marinas on a basis requested by those skippers who navigate with deeper boats.

    On the web page you find route suggestions and recommended destinations. On the map, you can click on a selected location for more information about the harbor and how to approach it.


  • Beaches in Vörå


    Vöyrin Uimarannat
  • Coronastigen, Keskis

    Brännarsintie 730, Vöyri

    Start from Brännarsvägen 730.
    Routs: 1.7 km, 3.5 km and about 6 km.

    Along the trail a small barbecue place and a bench for resting.

  • Disc golf Courses in the Vaasa Region

    The Frisbee golf courses in the Vaasa region offer games in fantastic surroundings and varied terrain.

    On this page you find the Disc courses in Finland.

  • Herrgårdsleden

    Tottesund 529, Vörå

    The trail 3,6 kilometers long trail starts from Tottesund Manor and goes through the Manor Park, from there it takes a turn to Bytesholmsudden and returns to the Manor. The terrain varies from a and easily walked dirt road to small trails.



  • Kimo Nature Paths

    Kimobruk, Bruksgatan 38, Vörå

    Start from Kimo Bruk, Bruksgatan 38.

    Parking is available up by the road. The trails are 1.5 km, 3 km, and 8 km.

    Four rest areas with tables and benches are provided. The 1.5 km and 3 km trails are wide gravel paths suitable for strollers and, with assistance, wheelchairs, depending on the weather and season. The 8 km route includes partly uneven terrain.

    Here you can find more information, a printable map, and an interactive map where you can explore the trail online.

    Maps and a more detailed brochure are available for purchase at Kimo Bruk Museum and Gallery, as well as at Einar’s Café:

    Conclude your hike with a leisurely stroll through the beautiful industrial park and take a lap around the “virgin dance” or stone labyrinth at the bruk (ironworks).

  • Kvarken4seasons

    Västerö 1665, Vöyri


    Kvarken4seasons offers kayak rentals on Västerö in Maxmo archipelago. Rent a kayak for a few hours, full day or longer. We are also mobile and can move the kayaks to the starting point you want in the Maxmo archipelago. Get in touch we tell you more.


    +358 45 883 2209


  • Lotlax vandringsled - nature trail

    Lotlaxvägen 420, Vöyri


    Signs from Lotlaxvägen, Vörå. Längd: 3, 5 km.
    Halvvägs finns en rastplats med bordsgrupper.


    The hiking trail of about 3.5 kilometers was laid out in the late 1980s by Lars Hannus and restored by the local community association in the summer of 2014. About halfway there is a rest area with table groups where you can pause and enjoy the tranquility.


  • Mickelsörarna Nature Trail

    Kummelskäret, Vörå

    Mickelsörarna Nature Trail on Kummelskär Island is about 2 km long. On this nature trail, visitors are able to see the geology, vegetation and animals of the land uplift shores, foundations of old fishing huts and boat docks from the 16th century.

    The trail starts from the yard of the Mickelsörarna Nature Station and is only available by boat.

  • Norrvalla

    Vöråvägen 305-307, Vörå


    Norrvalla is a regional centre for sport and an excellent place for recreation and training sessions for large or small groups.

    For exercise, Norrvalla has a modern full size sports hall, a gym for strength and condition training, spinning cycles, exercise tracks, swimming pool and therapy pool, heated artificial grass pitch (105 m x 68 m) and football hall (64 m x 40 m).

    You can try out a range of sporting activities at Norrvalla in Vörå. There are premises for large or small groups. Meals are served in Elsa’s Kitchen. Nature invites you to relax in the open air

    +358 6 383 1012


  • Norrvalla Minigolf

    Vöråvägen 305, Vörå

    Rent mini-golf equipment from the reception at Hotel Norrvalla.

    +358 6 383 1012


  • Rökiö vandringsleder - hiking routs

    Vöråvägen 305-307, Vörå


    Signs from Norrvalla, Vöråvägen 305-307.
    Routes from 3 km to 7 km.

    The connecting route between Bobergsleden and Vitmossleden provides the opportunity for long trips as the distance is over 20 km round trip. Shorter stages can also be hiked along the trail as it passes several slip roads along the forest road in Rökiö where you can start.
    You experience varied nature in the form of boulders, old magic forest, bogs and swamps as well as ancient relics.

    Karta   Norrvalla-Boberget
    Karta   Norrvalla-Boberget-Lasor-Vitmossen

  • Skiing tracks in Vörå


  • Vitmossen hiking routs

    58W4+JM Tuckur

    Visit Vitmossen’s beautiful forest nature with reconstructed stone and Bronze Age houses. Hike the Bronze Age Trail to the unique settlement with burial cairns. This is one of the oldest settlements found in Finland and dates back to the Early Bronze Age.

    Routs 3 km and 5 km.
    Signs from Kuckusvägen 1148, Vörå


  • Västerö Hiking Trails

    Söderskatavägen, 66640 Vörå

    Västerö Hiking Trails are situated in the outer archipelago of the municipality of Vörå and can be reached by car. The trail starts from the parking areas on Söderskatavägen and Equityvägen, and the visitor can choose trails from 3 km up to 12 km. A map for the area is found in the parking area. There are also maps along the trail.

    Along the trails there are a memorial for the Equity (a ship that carried weapons during the civil war in Finland), the cliffs of Ryssberget, the old land uplift forests, bays, flads and seashores.

    There are campfire sites and resting spots, dry toilets, two huts to be used as rest spots (they are not meant for overnight stays). NOTE! No wood supply.

  • Vörå ski center

    Skidbacksvägen 16, Vörå

    Welcome to Vörå ski center! In winter, Vörå ski center offers excellent opportunities for skiing both in cross country and downhill. In the summer the tracks function exercise trails.

    +358 50 591 4698, 6 382 1111


  • Botniacyklingen - Botniapyöräily


    Botniacyklingen – Botniapyöräily (The Botnia Cycling) is a yearly arranged bike races in the beautiful Ostrobothnian surroundings.