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  • Organised cruises

    Kvarkens skärgård, Vaasa

    Would you like to experience the Kvarken Archipelago from a new angle? Perhaps you would like to see the Kvarken’s own red ‘Eiffel tower’ at Valsörarna islands? The cruises in the Kvarken take you to both the inner and outer archipelago whose islands are little paradises in beautiful summer days.



  • Goodwind charter sailing


    Goodwind Sailing in Kvarken archipelago, max. 14 person.

    Beneteau Oceanis 381 (s/y Goodwind), kitchen, 3 cabins, 8 beds, 2 x WC, etc.

    Harbor of departure and arrival can be freely selected by the customer.
    Price includes yacht, skipper and safety equipment for 14 during the trip.
    Route and duration of sailing can be freely selected by the customer.  Minimum booking time is 4 hours.

    +358 50 546 4827 Purjehdukset Merenkurkun saaristossa.pdf


  • Vaasan Saaristopalvelut Oy - Archipelago Cruises

    Vaasan sisäsatama, Vaasa

    25.6. – 14.8. 2022 Cruises with M/S Tiira, every day from the Inner Harbour (Sisäsatama) in Vaasa.

    During the cruise there is a one hour stop on the Island of Kuusisaari, where it is possible to buy food and drink in Restaurant Janne´s Saloon.

    Also chartered cruises according to your wishes. Short cruises can be made in the Vaasa region or longer cruises e.g. to Mikkelinsaaret, where there are facilities for meetings, sauna and overnight accommodations.

    +358 50 553 1236


  • Kvarkenturer

    Svedjehamn, Björköby, Björköntie, Korsholm

    Kvarkenturer arranges boat trips amongst the small rocky islands of the Kvarken Archipelago.
    We offer:
    – boat trips adaptable to your own preferences
    – prebooked trips to Valsörarna islands

    We also arrange:
    – fishing trips
    – transportation of goods / materials

    Our boat trips are arranged in a cabin boat or in an open boat. Both boats are registered for 12 people.

    +358 50 3553 924

  • Neptune Service

    Kalaranta, Rantakatu, Vaasa

    Water taxi / Boat trips, leaves from Vaasa. Guiding included.

    Our fast going water taxi travels swiftly and easily throughout the archipelago.

    Cruises from the inner bays through the archipelago among summer
    cottages to the World Heritage area.

    The company cooperates with the National Board of Forestry and all boats are inspected by the Maritime Administration.

    The entrepreneur Kenneth Åberg has long experience in boating and knows the Kvarken Archipelago. He has the Archipelago and Coastal Certificate and the certificate for high seas navigation as well as the Maritime Administration driver’s license and is a certified Kvarken World Natural Heritage guide.

    +358 50 5812920


  • F:ma Ove Kaarto

    Svedjehamn, Björköby, Björköntie, Korsholm

    Boat transports in the Kvarken archipelago.

    +358 50 530 8062

  • Sailboat rental - Kvarken Sailing

    Sommarösund, Mustasaari

    Rent or charter a boat from Kvarken sailing and explore the Kvarken archipelago. S/y Minerva is the perfect easy-to-handle small sailboat for the shallow waters in the Kvarken archipelago. Starting from the home port in Sommarösund in the heart of the world heritage are for example both Rönnskären and Valsörarna within reach for a daytrip.



    +358 50 575 1111


  • Sebbas - Kvarken Charter


    Tailor-made cruises for up to 10 persons – enjoy the summer in the Kvarken Archipelago!
    The trips are made with an Axopar XO 360 – an uber-tough all-weather rocketship, that will transport you anywhere in any weather. The boat seats 10 persons.

    +358 (0) 400 668 380

  • Stefan Rönn - Boat Transports

    Svedjehamn, Björköby, Björköntie, Korsholm

    Boat transports in the Kvarkens Archipelago.

    +358 50 086 5260

  • Stormcharter


    We drive a hovercraft of the brand Slavir 6KO with an enviroment friendly engine Toyota 2GR V6 EFI 240hp. Max 7 passengers/1100kg.

    We make our way on land, ice, snow and water. Max wave height is 60cm. Winter time on ice, no restrictions. Since we are approx 40cm up in the air we make our way where no one else can drive.

    We have no established routes but we have many good suggestions. The customer decides where they want to be picked up and where they want to go. We usually drive in the Vaasa and Korsholm archipelago but of course in the entire Kvarken area, if necessary.

    +358 40 147 9212

  • Ulf Rönnblad - Boat Transports

    Svedjehamn, Björköby, Björköntie, Korsholm

    Boat Transports in Kvarken, Björkö-Panike vaellusreitin salmien ylitykset.

    +358 500 163 021

  • Villa Meribjörkö

    Raippaluodontie 1089, Korsholm

    Jukka Viita-aho, the skipper of Villa Meribjörkö, is known for his high-quality services, which he organizes with years of experience. As an experienced scout, he knows nature and is able to lead his guests to the most rewarding experiences of the Kvarken Archipelago – whether it is fishing trip or an atmospheric nature hike.
    The Kvarken World Heritage Site’s crystal clear waters, rich nature and landscapes that are in constant change with the seasons that offer experiences for all senses.

    +358 44 368 3006


  • Two countries, two cities and the beautiful Kvarken Archipelago in between. Wasaline carries hundreds of passengers between Umeå and Vaasa every day with its ferry offering a variety of restaurants and events.

    Wasaline’s ship Aurora Botnia is designed and built for the route Vaasa–Umeå. The ferry is equipped with the latest environmental technology and runs on climate-smart renewable fuels. The cabins and public spaces are decorated using recycled materials. E.g. the table tops and counters are made from recycled plastic, and the cabin carpets contain fibres from recycled fishing nets. The age of modern, sustainable travel in the Bothnian Gulf has begun!


  • West Coast Rib Charter

    Hamnvägen 38, Molpe


    West Coast Rib Charter arranges RIB boat trips to various destinations in the Kvarken world heritage archipelago.

    West Coast Rib Charter starts crusing to Molpehällorna islands on Friday June 2nd at 4 p.m this summer. In June and August, the RIB boat departs on Fridays at 4 p.m. and Saturdays at 12 a.m.  1.7–5.8 you can take a cruise every day at 12.00. In addition, trips are made to Strömmingsbådan and Rönnskär in June and August. Starting point: Hamnvägen 38, Molpe. (On the left before the Bergö ferry terminal)

    Check out the booking calendar here:

    Boat trips to other destinations can be booked in advance for groups. Read more and book here: West Coast Rib Charter’s website

    +358 (0) 50 367 2037