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Sundom has one exception to the flat landscape found there: the Öjberget Ski Centre, which is home for many fans of alpine sports. Here at the Öjberget Ski Centre, you can go downhill skiing in the winter and sprint up the stairs in the summer.

Sundom is a scenic area with fresh air and beautiful nature. The area has a stunning and extensive archipelago and plenty of recreational facilities such as hiking trails and the Öjberget Ski Centre.

Sundom has the feel of a rural village, but it is located just outside the city. The area has been a popular destination for detached houses and summer cottages. In Sundom, residential buildings can be seen from the 1920’s to the present day.

Sundom has a lot of history and attractions. The Södersund windmill dates back to the 19th century and also houses a local museum. Söderfjärden’s unique meteorite crater with its visitor centre is an interesting place to visit. The area is also one of the most important resting places for migratory birds, especially in the spring and autumn.