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  • Cornelia

    Vasavägen 10, Närpes


    Welcome to Cornelia! Cornelia is a lifestyle shop and café situated in Närpes at the west coast of Finland. We are located close to the centre of Närpes, but still in a very cozy and old milieu.

    In our shop you can find a lot of lovely items for home decoration from nice suppliers such as Greengate, Ib Laursen, Miljögården, Chic Antique, Jeanne d’Arc living and many others. At Cornelia, you’ll also find a wide range of beautiful clothes in Danish design from Cream, Creamie and Kaffe.

    The old houses of Cornelia are surrounded by a beautiful old garden and in the summertime you can relax in the garden and enjoy a cup of coffee.  All cakes, pies etc are produced at Cornelia using local ingredients always when possible.

    During the winter we also produce chocolate pralines and during the summer our speciality is homemade ice-cream. In the summertime, we open up the nice old museum and a small shop for handicrafted items.

    +358 45 855 5433


  • Fagerö Folkpark

    Björkgrundsvägen 1, Närpiö

    Fagerö Folkpark, Närpes

    In the village of Rangsby in Närpes you will find Fagerö Folk Park, where open-air dances with different themes are held in summer. There is also a nice beach restaurant and a miniature golf course in the area.


  • Lind's Kök - the Tropical Green House Restaurant

    Bäcklidvägen 476, Närpes

    You do not need to board a plane to experience the jungle and exciting flavours. In our green house restaurant by Highway 8 in Närpes you will dine under tropical fruit trees and breathe the fragrances of herbs while you will enjoy a culinary experience.

    Have you ever tried strawberries with garlic? A steak in a liquorice sauce? Or a sweet panna cotta based on tomato? It is natural for us to use tomatoes in our cooking: Närpes is the largest tomato producer in the country. For extra flair, we season our home-made dishes with our own herbs and edible flowers.

    The temperature is always pleasant, regardless of whether the sun is high or the snow covers the ground. Our Asian vibes are noticeable all year. In the summer you can enjoy our summer lunch every day – you neither can nor must reserve a table. During the winter we open if you are a company of at least 15 adults and you get to choose which of our menus you prefer. If you are a smaller group you can still get in touch, if you are lucky you can visit us when we are entertaining another group.

    +358 40 510 8124


  • Red & Green

    Närpesvägen 16, Närpiö

    The central meeting-point for guests from far and near – We offer breakfast, lunch, dinner and brunch. We serve classic food made from the best raw materials available from the region, influenced by Europe, in accordance with the season.

    +358 6 823 8400


  • Sea Side

    Björkgrundsvägen 1, Närpes

    Restaurant Sea Side is a summer restaurant with a sea view. Here you will find á la carte, pizza, burgers, ice cream and refreshing drinks. There is also a mini golf course, a beach volley court, a beach and a marina on the premises.

    +358 40 687 4106älkommen-till-seaside