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Happiness starts with little deeds

This website collects the good deeds, small and big, done by the people of Vaasa and tracks the number of good deeds we will collectively accomplish by August 2024!

Join us in doing good deeds!

Did you enter your good deed in the tracker yet? Or are you here to find out what the deal is? In any case, thank you for being here!
Making others happy, helping others, and caring for the environment increases everyone’s happiness. And that’s what we in Vaasa are good at – after all, our goal is to be the happiest city in the world!  

Some good deeds will be published and shared with others as inspiration and encouragement. You’ll find tips and examples on this page. Don’t forget to follow the city’s social media channels! 

P.S. Remember to report your good deeds so that they show up in the counter. Share it also on social media using #GoodDeedsVaasa

Meet the benefactors of Vaasa

Small deeds can make a big difference, and we all can do our part to build a better tomorrow. Read about the good deeds of people and organisations in Vaasa below and get inspired! What could you do for someone else?

Borgaregatans School: Good Deeds Competition

At Borgaregatans Skola, good deeds have been the flavour of the spring term. Each class brainstormed ideas for good deeds, and then each grade voted on the best one to implement.

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Good Deeds from the People of Vaasa: Meet Raimo

Vaasa resident Raimo Sanjola emerges as a true environmental hero who has, for the past 20 years, been dedicated to keeping the nature of Vaasa clean. With accustomed meticulous precision, Raimo has documented the trash he’s collected over the years, totalling around 100,000 items during his retirement days.

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A girl hangs knitted squid on the fence.

Find a Bugsy and Do a Good Deed!

In Vaasa, the Year of Good Deeds is underway, with both small and large acts of kindness already totaling over 3000 recorded instances in the online counter. Soon, throughout Vaasa, you can discover knitted artworks that bring happiness to their finder - and to others! The creators of these joyful bugsies can be found at Taikon.

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Vamia: Sustainable Development Week

Vamia's students and staff did good deeds during the National Sustainable Development Week from 25–29 September 2023. During the week, they reduced food waste, organised a flea market, and held various workshops on green transition at Vamia's Hansa and Sampo campuses.

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Volunteering in Vaasa

Volunteering is good deed at its best! Check out the good deeds of Helena Kyröläinen and Harry Swanljung from the Vaasan Kävelyklubi ry, Hanken student and tutor Milla Ilmarinen, and the Vaasa-based benefactor Marianne Ala-Kitula in the VaasaCast podcast episode.

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Good deeds at the Ristinummi daycare centre

Schools and daycares have joined the Year of Good Deeds! In Ristinummi daycare centre, for example, a heart of good deeds has been created, and thank-you cards have been sent to those who perform everyday acts of kindness.

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Good deeds at Onkilahti Comprehensive School

Onkilahti Comprehensive School celebrated a month of good deeds, where pupils organised musical performances and developed a Christmas calendar of good deeds.

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Ronja, the good deeds detective smiles in the picture, in the background is a brick wall.

Ronja, the good deeds detective

Ronja detects and reports on good deeds done by residents. You might spot Ronja interviewing, filming, or asking residents for tips on good deeds. So don't be surprised if you see Ronja lurking in the bushes or curiously peeking around the corner. Tip the Good Deed Detective at

Tips for good deeds

There are small and big acts of doing good deeds. There are many ordinary things we do that bring joy and help others. Here are a few tips to get you started!

  • Give positive feedback and praise whenever you have even the smallest reason to do so.
  • Be kind. Always.
  • Say thank you and smile at the cash register.
  • Recycle the things you don't use.
  • Pick up trash while you're out for a walk.
  • Say something nice to someone on the street.
  • Ask the elderly person next door how they're doing.
  • Hold the door open for people you know and don't know.
  • Get involved in volunteer work.
  • Get out on your bike when you have the chance.
We have done good deeds