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  • Dongnai

    Kauppakeskus Rewell, Vaasa

    Dongnai Grill & Bar serves delicious Vietnamese food at low prices.

    044 0928050


  • Friends & Brgrs

    Hovioikeudenpuistikko 16, Vaasa

    We started Friends & Brgrs for people just like you. People who like great burgers. People like us.

    +358 40 6520895


  • Niska Vasa

    Hovioikeudenpuistikko 13, Vasa

    The Niska restaurant concept has been developed by the famous chef, Michael Björklund, from Åland. At Niska, we serve you Plåtbröd, thin Åland-style pizzas, made with high-quality ingredients. We make our own tomato sauce and the plåtbröd is topped with long aged cheese from Åland Mejeriet (ÅCA), the dairy of the Åland islands. An attempt to translate plåtbröd into English could be ”sheet metal bread”, but we can assure you it tastes a lot better than it sounds!

    040 017 4146


  • Ristorante Momento

    Hovioikeudenpuistikko 16, Vaasa

    050 475 1522


  • Bad Bun

    Kauppatori, Alatori, Vaasa

    Fresh Fusion at its finest.
    Bad Bun is Vaasa’s newest street-food attraction. Locally owned and operated, we focus on exceptional products, exiting flavors and an incredible atmosphere to accompany the summer sun.
    Located at the tori in Vaasa

    You got a party? We bring the buns!

    Yes, that’s correct, we offer catering as well!

    +358 45 157 5603


  • Bistro Cafe & Restaurang

    Strandvägen 4327, Korsnäs

    Bistro Cafe & Restaurant offers tasty buffet lunch weekdays during the day.
    Or come in for a coffee with some sweet or salty snacks
    The restaurant is also open on order evenings and weekends, A-rights, Theme evenings, Pizza evenings etc.

    +358 44 239 5306 , 40 357 5232

  • Dallas Pizza Palazzo

    Västerviksvägen 24, Vasa

    For the locals, Dallas Pizza Palazzo is a permanent landmark. The restaurant is also part of the local lifestyle. In addition to pizza, you also fold in for coffee, beer or a drink. For such moments, it best serves the atmospherically decorated Cup of Java – the coffee corner.

    Claustrophobia does not have to be experienced in Dallas, as the whole consists of 400 square meters on three different floors. An elegant 8-10-person sauna area has been built in the basement, which is perfect for Christmas parties or other small-scale events, for example. On the third floor, however, there is a spacious cabinet available for meetings and gatherings.

    +358 6 321 1471


  • Grillo Sundom

    Kronvikintie 8, Vaasa

    American dinner.

    +358 6 3572700


  • Härdin Pizzeria

    Tiilitehtaankatu 46, Vaasa

    At Härdin Pizzeria you are served by Vasa’s happiest pizza baker. Finding a parking lot is not a problem and the sun always shines on our terrace. In our menu you will find tasty pizzas, kebabs, falafels, chicken dishes, burgers and salads. Also gluten-free options.

    +358 44 244 5721


  • Illyrian's

    Fredsgatan 16, Vaasa

    From selected ingredients and homemade dough, the end result is quality pizzas that are familiar to guests as well as locals.

    +358 6 317 7773


  • Kvarken Bed and Breakfast (Merenkurkun Majatalo)

    Rudträskvägen 6, Korsholm

    Merenkurkun majatalo

    Restaurant and Inn in the center of Björköby, in the middle of the UNESCO world heritage area.

    +358 50 448 6790


  • Kvarken Brewery Gastropub & Pizzeria

    Replotvägen 427, Korhsolm

    Craft Beers, Pizzas, Sallads and a la Carte and catering on order.

    The perfect place to try the craft beers from Kvarken Brewery.

    +358 6 352 0033


  • Nabben Restaurant

    Tottesund 598, Maxmo

    Nabben Restaurant is a popular restaurant located 30 km from Vaasa. Here you can enjoy good food with friends, family or business associates.
    The restaurant has seating for 50 dining guests. In the summer our terrace can accommodate 220 people. In the restaurant you can enjoy pizza, a la carte or coffee. The restaurant has A-license for beverages.

    +358 40 5107 536


  • Piiloluola Café-Restaurant

    Marttilantie 1, Isokyrö

    Under the period of Russian occupation of Finland, also known as ”Isoviha”, Finnish soldiers, women and children used to hide from the enemy in caves molded by big rocks. These caves were known as ”Piiloluola”, a hiding cave. One of these caves is located in Isokyrö, by the street Kyrööntie.

    Beside this cave is Cafe and restaurant Piiloluola, named after this cave. You can come and hide to our cafe like to the historical namesake – Maybe not from the enemy but perhaps from the ordinary and busy life.

    Piiloluola is a place where you can enjoy a cup of coffee and pastry beside the books in our book corner. You can work with your laptop. Study in peace.


    Piiloluola is a place for a break during your workday. An option for cooking at home. A rescue. You can enjoy your delicacies at the cafe or at home –take your food from our drive in! Easy cooking!

    Piiloluola offers different kind of coffee enjoyments, self baked pastries and cakes, salty snacks, lunch and fast food from Rolls. You can also order cakes for your own parties or just to enjoy on a ordinary day. You can rent our space for private venues – we have a big screen and video projector for example for lectures .

    Welcome and enjoy our delicacies!

    +358 40 016 2300


  • Pizzabistro Marco Polo

    Hovioikeudenpuistikko 11, Vaasa

    Pizzabistro Marco Polo offers authentic Italian food. We make the pizzas ourselves, with carefully selected ingredients.

    +358 6 317 5922


  • Pizzeria O Sole Mio

    Storalånggatan 34, Vasa

    Rabbe Grönholm founded Pizzeria O Sole Mio in 1976 in Vaasa, as one of the first pizzerias in Finland. Now the long pizza tradition in Vaasa continues in the new O Sole Mio Pizzeria. On our menu you can still find the best pizzas in Finland, just like back in the old days.

    +358 10 322 2040


  • Sea Side

    Björkgrundsvägen 1, Närpes

    Restaurant Sea Side is a summer restaurant with a sea view. Here you will find á la carte, pizza, burgers, ice cream and refreshing drinks. There is also a mini golf course, a beach volley court, a beach and a marina on the premises.

    +358 40 687 4106älkommen-till-seaside


  • Storjetari

    Köpingsvägen 11, Maalahti

    Grilled food at its best!

    +358 40 511 0061


  • Strand-Mölle

    Sjövägen (Molpe) 271, Molpe

    Our restaurant is beautifully located by the sea in the small village of Molpe, about 40 km south of Vaasa.

    Here you can enjoy locally produced food with the finest ingredients in the form of à la carte, pizza and lunch. To drink we recommend our own beer Svallka, one of the good wines in our wine list, or why not a fresh, international drink? Quality, genuine ingredients and food free from additives are important to us. Close cooperation with local producers guarantees that the food we serve is always fresh and benefits the local region.

    Warm welcome to us at the restaurant by the sea!

    +358 6 347 67 54


  • Strandservice

    Åminnevägen 439, Maalahti

    Strandservice is all about good food and good company. At our grill and terrace you get the best burgers and meet your friends. Have a beer and enjoy the sunset in Åminnefjärden.

    +358 44 582 5855