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  • 1h+k

    Hovioikeudenpuistikko 13, Vaasa

    The ‘1 h + k’ restaurant is a modern Scandinavian bistro and popular meeting place close to Vaasa’s market square. Its chefs have balanced their strong, local roots with experience of the wider world. This restaurant is about high-quality Finnish ingredients complemented by fine European wines.

    +358 50 566 8338




  • Amarillo

    Vaasanpuistikko 18, Vaasa

    Amarillo brings together both friends and strangers, and has everyone enjoy their stay around the same table. In terms of style, Amarillo is fresh and fair, straightforward and energetic. The menu offers many fresh flavours, not forgetting customers’ favourites.

    +358 20 780 8880




  • Bank Food & Wine

    Hovioikeudenpuistikko 11, Vaasa

    Bank Food & Wine
    provides pure and modern Scandinavian flavors in a glorious former bank property. Bank’s historical frames combined with a relaxed atmosphere and warm service create the perfect conditions for a full enjoyment.

    Pocket Wine & Drinks
    was founded by the love of good drinks, good company and a relaxed atmosphere. Come in or with a larger group – we promise that you will enjoy. Pocket’s home in the core center of Vaasa, right beside restaurant Bank.

    +358 50 593 0202




  • Berny's Restaurant & Café

    Replotvägen 2, Korsholm

    Welcome to the restaurant at the end of Replot bridge, the gateway to the only World Heritage Site in Finland!
    We take good care of our guests and offer a stunning archipelago to view, while you sit in our comfortable restaurant and enjoy a delicious meal made from locally produced ingredients, whenever they are available. Berny’s consists of a café and restaurant with a terrace, conference facilities and a sauna department with outdoor hot tubs.

    +358 6 3521200




  • Bistro Frans & Nicole

    Hovioikeudenpuistikko 18, Vaasa

    French country food and good wine in atmospheric surroundings Frans & Nicole’s menu offerings take you and your company to the French country indulgencies, each more magical than the other. Many herbs, spicy peppers and the beloved garlic give these foods their most delicious features. Our extensive wine selection was carefully chosen to complete the dining pleasure. C’est délicieux – for your pleasure.

    +358 10 784 0010



  • Bock's Corner Brewery

    Gerbyntie 18, Vaasa

    We are small independent brewery situated in the heart of a once booming brewing district. After nearly thirty years of silence, we brewed the first batch in February 2015 in a refurbished ice cellar that has now become our home. Our beers are produced in small quantities and we personally check that every batch is up to the high standard we have set for ourselves- only the best is good enough! We have also opened Bock’s pub in connection to the brewery where people are welcome to socialize and enjoy a tasty meal while watching the brewmaster at work. Remember to also say hi to our animals outside!

    +358 46 923 6175



  • Brasserie & Bar Fondis

    Hovioikeudenpuistikko15, Vaasa

    Brasserie&Bar Fondis has been a part of restaurant culture in Vaasa since 1964. Today Fondis offers a restaurant and bars over 3 floor levels, catering to all the needs of its varied clientele.

    +358 20 734 5400




  • Elsa’s Kitchen

    Vöråvägen 305, Vörå

    Elsas Kök

    You find Elsa’s kitchen (Elsas Kök) among the fields and meadows at Campus Norrvalla in Vörå. The riches of history meet with Nordic and international tastes. Our strength lies in our high class ingredients that are locally produced where possible.

    Elsa’s skilled staff serve hundreds of lunches every day! We like healthy meetings and conferences and are happy to serve tailor-made solutions for all of them – because we think that good food and healthy alternatives make any meeting a little better.

    Elsa’s Kitchen offers lunch every day, brunch on some Sundays, dinner – everything you need.

    +358 6 383 1061



  • Faros

    Kalaranta, 65100 Vaasa

    At the quay of Kalaranta you will find us along with the most spectacular view in Vaasa. Faros Restaurant is an old lightship that came to Vaasa in 1989 and has ever since worked as a restaurant. The sunniest terrace of Vaasa is at Faros. With a wonderful panoramic view you can enjoy the summer at its best. We have space for about 300 people. Here you can enjoy both food and drinks. Faros Restaurant Ship expanded the summer of 2018 and a new restaurant, FYR was built in connection to the terrace. FYR has a beautiful and fresh interior. High windows from floor to ceiling give the customers a wonderful panoramic view of the sea.

    +358 45 151 3007




  • Fiskdisken

    Kalaranta, 65100 Vaasa

    The fish counter is the fish and deli shop that creates a high quality overall experience. A miniature market hall feel where you can always get tips on recipes for the ingredients you buy. You visit the fish counter when you want to prepare your dinners yourself, take a fish sandwich as a simple snack, or want to buy ready-made food portions that make your everyday life easy.

    You can enjoy the food on site with wonderful sea views or take home.

    +358 50 409 8150




  • Hotelli-Ravintola Route

    Kauppatie 5, Laihia

    Tasty lunch buffet served on weekdays. Other times, the kitchen is open to order.

    Saturday nights can be spent in the nightclub, until 4 am in the morning. DJ music and on a regular basis the scene is taken by Finnish top artists.

    +358 6 477 1174



  • Kokokana

    Rewell Center 101, Ylätori, Vaasa

    Weekend in the heart of Vaasa. Large succulents in their clay pots, ample plants in their hanging baskets on the pergola. The tasty delights from a large BBQ grill. Fresh vegetables. The best aromas. A cocktail or a cold beer? Excellent wines being chilled. A long meal with family and friends. Relaxing in the best company in a garden in the centre of the city. The best garden parties in the heart of the city. Every single day. In all weather conditions.

    +358 20 780 8870



  • Loftet

    Raastuvankatu 28, Vaasa

    Lunch restaurant and café in the centre of Vaasa.


    +358 50 428 0616




  • Lunchdisken

    Köpingsvägen 10, Malax

    Lunchrestaurant in the centre of Malax.

    +358 50 430 2190




  • Magokoro

    Rewell Center, Ylätori, Vaasa

    We aim to bring you a pleasant experience with Japanese cuisine. We hope that every time you enjoy our food, you can taste our love and passion for food in every single bite. Our menu features a large selection of sushi types from traditional ones to our original sushi created from fresh and local ingredients.

    +358 44 210 7539




  • Martin Ravintola

    Hovioikeudenpuistikko 20, Vaasa

    Martin Ravintola is an atmospheric small restaurant offering Central European style cuisine right in the heart of Vaasa. We serve tasty lunch and in the evenings A’la Carte portions.

    +358 6 312 0043



  • Nabben Restaurant

    Tottesund 598, Maxmo

    Nabben Restaurant is a popular restaurant located 30 km from Vaasa. Here you can enjoy good food with friends, family or business associates.
    The restaurant has seating for 50 dining guests. In the summer our terrace can accommodate 220 people. In the restaurant you can enjoy pizza, a la carte or coffee. The restaurant has A-license for beverages.

    +358 40 5107 536




  • Niska Vasa

    Hovioikeudenpuistikko 13, Vasa

    The Niska restaurant concept has been developed by the famous chef, Michael Björklund, from Åland. At Niska, we serve you Plåtbröd, thin Åland-style pizzas, made with high-quality ingredients. We make our own tomato sauce and the plåtbröd is topped with long aged cheese from Åland Mejeriet (ÅCA), the dairy of the Åland islands. An attempt to translate plåtbröd into English could be ”sheet metal bread”, but we can assure you it tastes a lot better than it sounds!

    040 017 4146




  • Pancho Villa

    Vaasanpuistikko 17, Vaasa

    Pancho Villa is a laid-back and atmospheric restaurant serving juicy hamburgers and big steaks as well as other Mexican-style delicacies.

    +358 10 320 9895




  • Panorama

    Vaasanpuistikko 16, Vaasa

    A lunch restaurant that has existed by the market square in the center of Vaasa in already over 30 years. We are best known for our delicious homemade dishes served Monday to Friday as a lunch buffet. Every day both meat dish and fish dish and soup. Now also á la carte dishes on evenings (Tue-Fri) on our new terrace.

    +358 6 317 4163