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Villa Strömsö

Group visits at Strömsö 2024

It is possible to make group visits to Strömsö at such times as the work with various TV recordings  so permits.

Visits inside “Villa Strömsö” always require that you book a guide and the time needed for a guided tour is 1 hour. Max group size/guide is about 20 people, so if your group is larger than 20 people more guides are required. The park outside the villa is always open.

A) If you like to make a group visit, this is possible on weekdays after 5.30 pm and on Saturdays and Sundays, in July also at other times. Please e-mail your request to

The price for the guided tour of Strömsö in English, is in year 2024, Mon-Sat 173 €/group of  20 people (Sundays 282 €).

B) During the period 29.6.-30.7. and 3.8.2024, you can join open guided tours on Strömsö. Thursdays at 5-6.30 pm and on Tuesdays and Saturdays at 2-3.30pm.

  • Price: 10 € / person.

Book a ticket on an open guided tour. 
(NOTE: Booking no later than 1 day in advance)

No arranged transportation, but you can reach Strömsö (Västervik) with local bus. Line number 2 traffics from Vaasa city centre (Raastuvankatu) to “Västervikin ranta”, from the bus stop about 200 m walk to the Strömsö area. Check the schedule and route for the bus.