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The best sunset spots in the Vaasa Region

Is there anything more glorious than watching the sunset with your family, a friend or a loved one! Go and admire the sunset while enjoying the fresh air of summer evening: we have listed the best sunset spots in the Vaasa region.

The pier at the Inner Harbor

Experience the Mediterranean in the middle of Vaasa! You have to look for a more classic place than this. In the Inner Harbor you can enjoy the sunset from the pier or at the nearby restaurants. The place has a wonderfully relaxed atmosphere. In addition to the fantastic views, it is a short way to the summer’s best activities, swimming and ice cream, from the Inner Harbor!
Address: Sisäsatama, Vaasa

The seaside promenade at the University of Vaasa, Centaur Statue

If you have not yet experienced the wonder of the seaside next to the University of Vaasa, it’s time now. In this place, the sun’s rays go down in the direction of the magnificent centaur statue and reveal its shimmering surface. It pays to bring a picnic blanket and lunch bag that you can enjoy by the seaside of the campus area.
Address:  Yliopistonranta 5, Vaasa

The obervation tower Saltkaret in Svedjehamn

Svedjehamn is worth the about 45 minute drive. The lookout tower offers the unique experience of seeing the last rays of the sun at a height of about 20 meters. Here you get to experience true archipelago romance with beautiful nature and views of the World Heritage site Kvarken archipelago.
Address: Svedjehamn, Björköby

Exercise stairs at Gerbynmäki

See conifer trees colored by the sun’s rays from the top of a hill! Go up the illuminated stairs to  highest point of Gerbynmäki, from there you can even see the Replot Bridge. This gem is not necessarily the first thing one will think of, but it is definitely one of the best places to enjoy the sunset.
Address: Suopursuntie 20, Vaasa

Mansikkasaari, Pikisaari

An island by an island! On Island Mansikkasaari you can admire the sun from the boat or the beach. Island Pikisaari, which is the part of Island Mansikkasaari that reaches out to sea, is the best place to admire the setting sun; at the tip of the headland you will surely have time to look into the last rays of the sun!
Address: Pikisaarenkatu, Vaasa