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Activities and Nature

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  • Floating Sauna

    Hietasaari 6, 65100 Vaasa

    Floating Sauna is a 6 x 10 m sauna raft that is located close to the center of Vaasa at Hietasaari Island . You can choose to rent the sauna and stay at the pier in Hietasaari or rent it with a captain and cruise in the beautiful archipelago of Vaasa while enjoying a warm and relaxing sauna bath. Maximum of 15 people is allowed on board.


    +358 44 210 6069, +358 40 961 5457


  • KvarkenEscape

    Vallgrundvägen 78, Korsholm

    Life gets so much funnier with entertainment, laughter and adventures

    KvarkenEscape offers challenges, entertainment and enjoyment for both adults and children. Our escape rooms in the Kvarken Archipelago are inspired from the life on our islands from the past and nowadays. But, perhaps with a little, okay with a bit more than little, spiced up interpretations.

    Read more about the rooms on the home page!

    +358 40 1968 441


  • Wasa Up Climbing Center

    Rantakatu 2, Vaasa

    The climbing centre Wasa Up has climbing facilities for everyone: easy routes for the uninitiated as well as difficult problems demanding stamina and technique.

    You can also challenge yourself on our obstacle course racing track as well as gain new strength, balance and well-being at our group classes.

    You can try climbing or OCR easily without reservation! You’ll also find group activities for your workplace, team or family from our selection. Welcome!

    +358 50 543 4907


  • West Coast Rib Charter

    Söderskogsvägen 164, Korsnäs


    Join one of our tours or let us tailor your own archipelago tour for you.

    The boat has a capacity for 12 passengers. Please note that the minimum number of passengers for the boat to depart is eight persons. Should your tour be canceled, we will try to find a solution that suits you.

    We are happy to tailor packages with complete solutions for companies and groups. The package can include e.g. cooperative exercises in the water, sauna, kayaking, and activities with jet skis, catering or restaurant visits. We can also arrange accommodation.

    The home-port is Molpe, but departures can take place from ports in the area between Närpes to Korsholm.

    +358 (0) 50 367 2037


  • ZIP Adventure Park

    Uddnäsvägen 15, Vasa

    Welcome to Zip Adventure Park – the adventure park, situated in the beautiful Vasa, Finland’s sunniest city. Here you can experience a different, fast-paced and challenging day of adventure, regardless of age and whether or not you’re with family, your company, your association or your group of friends. We offer challenges for all age groups – move between the treetops, challenge yourself and enjoy both the excitement and the view.

    +358 40 832 2221


  • Archipelago Tours - Vesa Heinonen

    Björkövägen 856, Korsholm

    Archipelago Tours organizes nature guidance, excursions, wandering, fishing, sailing, courses, adventurous program services and camp schools mainly in the Finnish Kvarken Archipelago.

    +358 500996927

  • Arranges programs and activities. For example: paintball, safaris, team building, competitions, sailing, swimming “on the rox” and much more.

    +358 50 553 2338

  • Cinema Bowling

    Kauppapuistikko 18, Vaasa

    Bowling at Cinema is not just a sport – it is so much more! Arrange a bowling experience with us, for the staff, customers or with friends. Order light snacks in advance, also drinks can be ordered in advance or directly from the bar.

    +358 20 719 1919


  • Dare2Do


    Dare2Do focuses on organizing outdoor activities with a low threshold in the Kvarken region.

    During the winter focus is on snowshoe hiking for smaller groups of maximum 10-12 people. High quality products support a good experience.

    Hiking events with different lengths from spring to fall. During the summer, depending on the weather, generally mid-May to mid-September Dare2Do offers various forms of sea kayaking for groups of up to five people with high level of safety and optimized experience in mind. Safety/rescue events/training, beginner’s try out, Half-day-Full day tours or tours with overnight stay.

    Survival skills and learning can be baked into the program with any activity.

    Retreat type of events for all activities can be planned together for an optimized enjoyable time in nature.

    +358 40 579 2874


  • Ecola Wellness

    Massusvägen 19, Mustasaari

    In the middle of nature with the world’s second cleanest air and only fifteen minutes from the center of Vaasa you will find new different experiences Our vision is to make people feel good by taking care of themselves, exercising properly and eating well and just relaxing in a quiet and comfortable environment. Treat yourself to an unpretentious weekend in our local environment without having to go abroad. For us a good, healthy, organic and vegetarian diet is a matter of the heart

    For whom?
    For you who want to capture the moment
    For you who want to put a golden edge on your life
    For you who want to break old habits
    For you who want to develop yourself

    +358 40 557 6577


  • FindOut Vaasa

    Rewell Center, Vaasa

    Find Out Vaasa

    Your team is locked in a room and you need to find the way out – if you can! You need to get through a series of puzzles, challenges, locks and riddles to escape. You have one hour to solve all the puzzles, make it out of the room and play out your part in the story.

    Our customers are groups of friends, corporate teams, hen and stag parties, families, societies as well as others in search of fun and new experiences. Book a game and experience how Escape game FindOut is abnormal, fun and surprisingly useful!

    +358 40 024 7090


  • Gaia Events - Jan Gäddnäs

    Gaia Events has been operating since 1998 with a selection of activities all year around. The company arranges guided hikings and tours in the nature and on the sea, kayaking tours, fishing trips, and team work building.

    +358(0)50 581 2929

  • Gustav Wasa experience

    Raastuvankatu 24, Vaasa

    The Gustav Wasa experience is an event package designed for companies and groups. It includes our popular kitchen studio masterclasses as well as meeting and sauna services. The package is easily tailored according to your wishes and to the number of participants.

    The Kitchen Studio provides an exciting and unusual meal experience, and it is a great way to not only learn about cooking, but to get to enjoy our meals from a different perspective. It is an ideal opportunity for business and team building events or why not with a group of friends!

    Contact us and we will arrange a good package for Your group.

    +358 50 466 3208


  • Kvarken Nature and Fishing Tours

    Kvarken Nature and Fishing Tours offers fishing tourism services and guided nature activities in the Kvarken archipelago all year round.

    In our activities we follow the principles for sustainability and with respects for nature and local culture.

    +358 44 527 2314


  • Kvarkenturer

    Svedjehamn, Björköby, Björköntie, Korsholm

    Kvarkenturer arranges boat trips amongst the small rocky islands of the Kvarken Archipelago.
    We offer:
    boat trips in World Nature Heritage waters
    – boat trips adaptable to your own preferences
    – prebooked trips to Valsörarna islands

    We also arrange:
    – fishing trips
    – transportation of goods / materials

    Our boat trips are arranged in a cabin boat or in an open boat. Both boats are registered for 12 people.

    +358 50 3553 924

  • MakeItOut

    Teräksenkuja 3, Vaasa

    Make it Out

    Room Escape is exciting and addictive interactive problem-solving in group. Your objective is to make it out of the escape room within 60 minutes. Makeitout provides two unique games in the heart of Vaasa.

    +358 20 799 1322


  • Neptune Service

    Kalaranta, Rantakatu, Vaasa

    Water taxi / Boat trips, leaves from Vaasa. Guiding included.

    Our fast going water taxi travels swiftly and easily throughout the archipelago.

    Cruises from the inner bays through the archipelago among summer
    cottages to the World Heritage area.

    The company cooperates with the National Board of Forestry and all boats are inspected by the Maritime Administration.

    The entrepreneur Kenneth Åberg has long experience in boating and knows the Kvarken Archipelago. He has the Archipelago and Coastal Certificate and the certificate for high seas navigation as well as the Maritime Administration driver’s license and is a certified Kvarken World Natural Heritage guide.

    +358 50 5812920


  • Norrvalla

    Vöråvägen 305-307, Vörå


    Norrvalla is a regional centre for sport and an excellent place for recreation and training sessions for large or small groups.

    For exercise, Norrvalla has a modern full size sports hall, a gym for strength and condition training, spinning cycles, exercise tracks, swimming pool and therapy pool, heated artificial grass pitch (105 m x 68 m) and football hall (64 m x 40 m).

    You can try out a range of sporting activities at Norrvalla in Vörå. There are premises for large or small groups. Meals are served in Elsa’s Kitchen. Nature invites you to relax in the open air

    +358 6 383 1012


  • Polkuped Kayak

    Stenlundsvägen 97, Korsnäs

    Polkuped kayak offers guided tours and rental of kayaks. We are located in Molpe on the west coast of Finland, about 30 minutes south of Vaasa. Molpe is a true paradise for those who love the sea, to practice various sport activities, to swim or just enjoy the nice nature. Welcome!

    +358 05 0536 6281


  • Sebbas - Kvarken Charter


    Tailor-made cruises for up to 10 persons – enjoy the summer in the Kvarken Archipelago!
    The trips are made with an Axopar XO 360 – an uber-tough all-weather rocketship, that will transport you anywhere in any weather. The boat seats 10 persons.

    +358 (0) 400 668 380