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The Kvarken Archipelago is on UNESCO's World Heritage List.
A painting of a green-blue sea monster.

Kvarken's Sea Monster – Escape Game

Experience the Kvarken Archipelago World Heritage in a new way and play the escape game at the visitor centre World Heritage Gateway by the Replot bridge!

Lehtileike Suomen kuvalehdestä, piirros Raippaluodon merihirviöstä.

The sea monster was first sighted in the Kvarken Archipelago as early as the 1800s. Now it seems to have returned to our rocky kingdom. Step into the exhibition Weichsel and track the monster down!
Who can play?
Our escape game can be played by adults and children from age 7 upwards. School-aged children are recommended to play with an adult. The exhibition room is accessible, so the game is also suitable for people with reduced mobility with an assistant. The game can be played in English, Finnish, or Swedish.
Game time: 45 minutes
Amount of players: 2-6 players


  • 2 players = a total of 30 € (15 € per player)
  • 3 players = a total of 40 € (13,30 € per player)
  • 4 players= a total of 50 € (12,50 € per player)
  • 5 players = a total of 60 € (12 € per player)
  • 6 player = a total 70 € (11,60 € per player)
  • Family package including 1-2 adults and 1-3 children under 17 years = a total of 35 €
    Additional children under 17 years = 5 € per child


The price includes the game as well as the right to view the exhibition Weichsel after the game.With larger groups such as workgroups and school groups, please contact

Where the game is played?
The escape game is played at the visitor centre World Heritage Gateway by the Replot bridge, in the exhibition room Weichsel. The players are not locked into the exhibition room. The game leader will be present in the room throughout the game.
Address: Replotvägen 2, 65800 Replot
Phone: +358 50 3466 200
Will I need previous experience or any special skills?
One of the players should have QR code reader on their smart phone. The game leader will assist if needed. Otherwise, everything you need can be found in the exhibition room. You do not need previous experience with escape games.
Is strength or agility needed?
No, the tasks will be accomplished by logical and creative thinking as well as cooperation with your teammates.