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  • Tjärlax nature trail

    Grönnesvägen 172-200, 64210 Närpes

    Tjärlax nature trail 4.1 km or a shorter stretch of 1.7 km. Start from Tjärlax holiday village.

    Start coordinates ETRS-TM35FIN N: 6936714 E: 201995

    Along the hiking trail you encounter nature that is unusual for these areas. The oldest tree in Närpes is also found here.

  • Tölby kyrkstig, nature trail

    Tölby-Vikbyvägen 220, Korsholm

    The trail leading to the campfire site at Västernäset is 2.1 kilometers. If you don’t want to walk the same route back you can walk the road through Vikby back to the starting point (3.6 kilometers). The trail is marked with blue/red.

  • Valsberg hiking trail

    JJC2+MW Valsberg

    The trail is about 3 km long. Along the trail there is a lot to see, including a cave, devil’s fields and ancient monuments. At the barbecue area there is also a lookout point where you can enjoy views of Övermark. The trail starts at the Övermark hembygdsgård, but you can also start where the path itself begins at Bergsvägen 34. There is a box with maps at both places, but there are better parking options at Hembygdsgården.

    Coordinates for Hembygdsgården: ETRS-TM35FIN N: 6955016 E: 223288

  • Valsörarna Nature Trail


    Valsörarna Nature Trail is a 2,5 km long nature trail from the pier of Ebbskär in the north to the pier of Storskäret in the south.

    Along the trail you can see the geology, vegetation and animals of the land uplift shores, a memorial for Russian soldiers, and the famous lighthouse.

    Valsörarna is an island group located outer in the Kvarken, about 15 km Northwest from Björkö. Already in the 1948 Valsörarna has been a birdprotection area.

    The nature trail is available only by boat.

  • Vargberget leisure center

    Vargbergets Fritidsområde, Vargberget, Närpes

    Vargberget leisure center is a lovely and scenic place for exercise or relaxation. Here you can during all 4 seasons enjoy nature and walk, ski, grill, walk the exercise stairs, go roller skiing, practice shooting, swim, pick mushrooms and berries, play in the playground or just enjoy your lunch bag.


  • Velkmossa hiking trail

    Ribackvägen 94, Närpes

    Velkmossa hiking trail starts on the other side of the road from Velkmoss byagård, Ribackvägen 94 and is 9 km round trip. The path is marked with a yellow marking in the terrain. Along the hiking trail that goes to Viitala in Petalax there are ancient graves and old settlements and also a bird tower.

    Coordinates ETRS-TM35FIN N: 6971020 E: 215932: 215932


  • Vikarskat hiking route

    Björköby fiskehamn, Vikarskatvägen, Mustasaari

    Rout from Vikarskat fishing harbor to Finnhamnen and back 5 kilometers.

  • Vitmossen hiking routs

    58W4+JM Tuckur

    Visit Vitmossen’s beautiful forest nature with reconstructed stone and Bronze Age houses. Hike the Bronze Age Trail to the unique settlement with burial cairns. This is one of the oldest settlements found in Finland and dates back to the Early Bronze Age.

    Routs 3 km and 5 km.
    Signs from Kuckusvägen 1148, Vörå


  • Västerö Hiking Trails

    Söderskatavägen, 66640 Vörå

    Västerö Hiking Trails are situated in the outer archipelago of the municipality of Vörå and can be reached by car. The trail starts from the parking areas on Söderskatavägen and Equityvägen, and the visitor can choose trails from 3 km up to 12 km. A map for the area is found in the parking area. There are also maps along the trail.

    Along the trails there are a memorial for the Equity (a ship that carried weapons during the civil war in Finland), the cliffs of Ryssberget, the old land uplift forests, bays, flads and seashores.

    There are campfire sites and resting spots, dry toilets, two huts to be used as rest spots (they are not meant for overnight stays). NOTE! No wood supply.

  • Waterloo-leden

    Strandvägen 3681, Korsnäs


    The Waterloo trail starts at the Waterloo jogging track which is located along Strandvägen between Korsnäs and Molpe (Strandvägen 3681).

    The trail runs between the Waterloo area and Lisasgrynnan by the sea shore. Beautiful hiking trail with many different terrain types to hike through. A geocache is also located at one of the rest areas.
    The trail is about 7.3 km (3.66 km in one direction).

    In the same area you will also find a Disc Golf Park, fitness stairs and a playing area for boules.

    Download the map here.

  • Öjen nature trail

    Myrgrundintie 163, Vaasa

    Öjen’s nature trail is 4,5 km long. There are 11 information signs along the trail that tell you about the area’s nature, medicinal plants and folk tales. There are also maps showing your location. The trail is easy to walk on because the terrain is fairly flat. However, please remember that the duckboards can be very slippery depending on the weather conditions. It takes about 2,5 to 3 hours to go around the trail.

    Facilities: at the campfire site, there are benches, firewood, an axe and a dry toilet.

  • Öjskatsleden

    Österhankmovägen 912, Korsholm

    Length: The trail is 5.1 kilometres one way (10.2 km round trip).
    Marking: The trail is market with blue dots and arrows in nature.

    Start: The trail starts from the north end of the village at Tåning (63.2454251, 21.9258751).
    Parking is available at the community’s marina at Kalkmagasinet (63.2449409, 21.9296705).

    Directions: When you arrive, drive along Österhankmovägen and turn right at Österhankmovägen 900, where there are signs for parking and a memorial. Drive 100 meters forward, all the way down to the harbor and park the car there. Walk back to Österhankmovägen and walk another 100 meters along the road you drove. The trail starts on the left side and there is a map and instructions at the starting point.

    Service along the trail: rest area with wind protection and at the end of the trail there is a barbecue area with benches.