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Vähäkyrö hiking routes

Developing the hiking routes together

In the coming years, Vähäkyrö will create, based on the hiking trail development plan 2021, five hiking trail networks:

  • Hiking trail network from Kruutari to Mestoosplassi
  • Ojaniemi-Hyyriä trail network
  • Saarenpää-Mullolan Polkureitti Trail
  • Korkiavuoren Luontopolut Nature Trails
  • Petulian Patikka Trail
  • Map application (in Finish)

In addition, four thematic trails are under development:

  • Viiden Sillan Polkureitti Kyrönjoen Varrella (transl. Five bridges along the Kyrönjoki riverbanks Trail) (published in the trail app, to be further developed in 2023)
  • Vähäkyrö Children’s Hiking Trail (to be linked to the Ojaniemi-Hyyriä trail)
  • Kolkin Patikkapolku hiking trail (this area is listed as a built cultural heritage site of national significance)
  • Kirkkosaaren Historiapolku history-themed trail (Kirkkosaari and Kirkkosaari pond, Kaavontönkkä and Vähäkyrö church precinct that are also a built cultural heritage site of national significance)

Route descriptions and links to the map application will be published on this website as they are completed. The route descriptions are also translated into Swedish and English.

A web browser-based map application has been created for the routes in cooperation with the City of Vaasa Geographical Information Services.

A pilot of the application is currently under testing and will be further developed alongside the development of the routes. Local hikers have been invited to test and give feedback on the functionality of the maps and guidance, both on the ground and in the map application. The aim is to have an easy-to-use and clear application for navigating the trails.

Check out the project that launched the route development work and the UPDATE on the development and completion of the routes.

Note! There is currently NO winter maintenance on the routes.


In August 2020, the renovation of local hiking trails started as a part of an EU Leader-funded development project (2020–2021). The project is carried out by the Yhyres Association of Kyrönmaa.

The old Kyrönmaa hiking trail network (2003) was in many places badly overgrown and needed to be re-marked and promoted. Residents had regularly asked for improvements to the trails. During the Vähäkyrö hiking trail project, the old trail sections from 2003 have been examined, cleared of overgrown vegetation and other obstacles, and re-marked where it was deemed necessary to preserve them. As a result of the development project, the Vähäkyrö Hiking Trail Development Plan was completed in 2021.

The development work was carried out in 2020–2022 in cooperation with associations, clubs, and residents, improving the accessibility of hiking trails in the area through mapping, restoration, marking and communication.

History- and nature-themed signboards will be erected on all routes between 2023 and 2024, in cooperation with the City of Vaasa’s graphic services, Grano, and Vähäkyrö’s local

Children's hiking trail


Map application (in Finnish)

Welcome to the children’s very own hiking trail in Vähäkyrö!

Did you know that even an ordinary forest is full of new surprises every day? Did you know that Mother Nature arranges them for us by changing the seasons four times?

When the seasons of spring, summer, autumn, and winter change, Mother Nature’s animals, plants, trees, birds, and insects adapt – each in their own special way!

How do animals survive the cold winter when there is so little food available? What belongs in nature and what doesn’t? What is alive and what is not? What is real and what a fairy-tale?

Explore, see, smell, taste, experiment, imitate, throw, jump, climb and wonder! Stay alert and keep all your senses open, and the adventure will be more exciting than you think!

Departure point

Hyyriäntie 105, Vähäkyrö

Total length

  • 2.1km
  • Näkinpolku Trail 0.4 km, Muurahaispolku Trail 0.3 km, Laavupolku Trail 0.4 km


Easy access


Ojaniemi hut on the Palanusenkallio cliff. There is firewood, a fireplace and a toilet at the point of the hut. There is no winter maintenance on the route.

How to get around



Signs and trees or poles marked with red paint. On the Ojaniemi hiking route network, each route is colour-coded on the signposts. The colour code for the children’s trail is orange.

Route description

The children’s special hiking trail can be found on the Ojaniemi-Hyyriä hiking trail network. The route resembles a giant letter Y.

The trail, with tasks and animal-themed signposts made by the children themselves, leads the adventurer along the Näkinpolku Trail to the fountain and then along the Muurahaispolku Trail to the Palolampi bird tower.

A bench for resting can be found at the bird tower. The children’s hike continues by returning along the Muurhaispolku Trail and continuing along the Laavupolku Trail to the cliffs of Palanusenkalliot.

At the smaller cliff, Pikkupalanunen, it’s a good time to enjoy a picnic lunch under the shelter of the Ojaniemi hut. At the same time, you can read or listen to animal stories written by schoolchildren.

After your snack, you can return to the starting point along the same Laavupolku Trail and the Näkinpolku Trail.

You can also choose the more challenging Käärmepolku Trail and climb the ladder down the Palanusenkallio cliff. Once down, you can return to the car park by continuing along Hyyriäntie for about 400 metres. This alternative return route is also marked with a signboard to the starting point.

Common rules for the hiking trails of Vähäkyrö

Prepared in cooperation with private landowners 2021:

  • Follow the rules of the destination
  • Stay on marked trails: respect nature and private forest owners
  • Travel the routes on foot, skis, horseback, or bicycle
  • Motor vehicles are strictly forbidden!
  • Litter-free camping: take your rubbish with you, and do not leave anything in the forest
  • No fires! Allowed only in designated campfire areas and during the permitted period (if specifically indicated)
  • Collecting moss, lichens and twigs does not belong in everyman’s rights
  • Dogs should be kept on a leash.
  • Remember that ancient graves and other ancient historical sites and their surroundings are protected under the Antiquities Act (



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