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Cykelorientering med UF

Article categories: Recreation & Sports

Welcome to bicycle orienteering in Malax municipality!

The youth associations in Malax municipality are arranging bicycle orienteering. There will be 5 different cycling routes, which are approximately 10 km long.

Starting points:
Bergö: Bergö Nyvägen 31 (UF Lokalen)
Petalax: Petalaxvägen 162 (Petalax UF)
Långåminne: T-junktion Molapnevägen-Kråknäsvägen
Övermalax: Viasvägen 95 (Solhem)
Yttermalax: Köpingsvägen 18 (Bygdegården, Info board)

1-31 July 2021

Suitable for anyone with a bicycle, and for those who like to figure out where different sights and places in Malax Municipality are.

You only need a smartphone and a bicycle to participate. On every route there will be x amount of places to visit, where a sign with a QR code can be found. When you get to the starting point of each route, you’ll open the QR code that will give you a picture, a clue or something similar that leads you to the next place, and so on.

Organizers: Petalax UF, Bergö UF, UF Strimman, Övermalax UF & Malax UF