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Article categories: Museums & Folklore

An unique video/visual art event in an unusual space.

With the participation of the artists:
Inger Lise Hansen, Maria Ångerman, Valentina Gelain & Bekim Hasaj

Immerse yourself in an evening of video art, in a site-specific screening event in Bock’s Corner Village’s new spaces… called catacombs.
Evocative locations that will welcome three different artfilms, or rather, shroud them in atmospheres that will shift you into a surreal dimension.
Relating to panoramas and natural elements, the audience will be drived by landscapes that will increasingly blur with inner and metaphysical scenarios, and descend into an introspective experience, until approaching the own psyche.
Also, in secondary cells you will find the sculptural series ‘Shell’ by Bekim Hasaj, which reveals its rocky plasticity between lights and shadows.

Organized by Black Box Genesis & Elokuvakeskus Botnia/Filmcentrum Botnia, in collaboration with Bock’s Corner Village and Filmverkstaden.
Supported by Eugène, Elisabeth & Birgit Nygréns Stiftelse, Bröderna Gröndahls Stiftelse.

Drinks and appetizers will be served during the event. Welcome!