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FotosommarValokuvan kesä photography season in Kristinestad

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Vintage photo and alternative photo techniques: exhibitions, talks and workshops

There is more to photography than the digital pictures you take with your phone. The photography season ‘Fotosommar/Valokuvan kesä 2022’ will show you how you can produce images in other ways, what photography looked like in the past and how you can immerse yourself in photographs and getting inspired by them. Exhibitions at the old customs houses Västra tullstugan & Norra tullstugan, Starcke’s house (Kyrkogatan 1 B), O.B.S. Garage (Staketgatan 16) and the Maritime museum extension (Badhusparken). In June, talks and workshops for the public at Kursgården Kristina and Starcke’s house (enrolment through Medborgarinstitutet). The season kicks off on 6 June at Västra tullstugan, and continues through the summer at various venues.