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Meteoria Söderfjärden - a visitor centre

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Exhibitions, An astronomical observatory. Models of the crater &solar system. A bird-watching tower. Energyproduction

Meteoria Söderfjärden – a unique visitor centre i the middle of the most beautiful impact crater in Finland – open to the public:1-12.6 and 15.8-28.9 on Sundays 14-20 and on Wednesdays 18-20,
>>> 13.6-14.8 every weekday 14-20 and weekends 12-20
• An advanced exhibition telling a long story of at least 520 million years of Söderfjärden – from impact crater to an agricultural and Natura2000 area of today
• Two new exhibitions: one with unique meteorites and ipact animations and the other with old farming machinery
• A well-equipped astronomical observatory with a telescope for studies of celestial bodies millions of light years out into the universe
• A cafeteria in an old threshing barn
• An energy cellar – own production of renewable energy: solar and wind

– TellusTimeline, a balance beam for a long journey from the formation of the Earth via the impact of Söderfjärden 520 million years ago until present – and by cellphone visitors can also make a Digi-Journey
– A model of our Solar System at Söderfjärden
– A model of the crater and a modell of the asteroid that formed Söderfjärden
– A bird-watching tower in the middle of the most important resting area for cranes in Finland