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STARTING FROM SELF - and the reflection in the other

Article categories: Museums & Folklore

Art Exhibition by Carina Ahlskog • Alexandra Harald • Moa Cederberg

31.10 – 29.11 2020
no vernissage

‘’With the three artists, we have a language that starts strongly from the personal and intrinsic sphere.
Whether from a social, geographical, biological or physical background, in this case, the artist is at the forefront to experiment and tell something through their own experience, the own self. Here it’s visible, it almost touches the autobiographical in some cases.
The inner is reflected, expands and touches different points and probing different social, existential, perceptive themes… intimate stories, which however automatically become everyone’s.’’

Through a video, the artist investigates the physicality of movement, their preservation in the digital sphere and new ways to approach everyday life.

The artist participates in the exhibition with an installation where, through the use of mix textile and abstract painting, she’s trying to illustrate the situation of in-betweenship that is created by an adoption.

The artist presents some photos of a photographic project focused on the visualization of the human body and integration with nature.

artist statement
“My body is a work of art
my spirit is a work of art
I am static yet never still
I am like water and corn starch
approach me slowly and I will surround you”

*If you want to visit the gallery, we ask to strictly follow the safety rules, wear a mask and use hand sanitizer present at the entrance, thank you.
If you feel unwell, rest and stay home, the exhibition will last a month!*

This exhibition project has the support of Svenska Kulturfonden.